Olympic View Transfer Station - Bremerton, WA

  • 9380 SW Barney White Road, Bremerton, WA 98312 -

  • Disposal Fees

  • Payment: Visa/MasterCard or current business account. No cash or check. 

 Fees and Accepted Items

Check in at the attendants booth to dispose of the following items: 

​​WA Solid Waste Collection Tax (3.6%) is added to solid waste disposal transactions. Tax does not apply to recycled waste.  

​Minimum fee

Applies to all materials charged by weight

​$36 tax included

​Garbage/Solid Waste

Loads weighing less than 460 pounds are charged the minimum fee

​$104 per ton plus tax

​Bulky Wastes, including boats

Bulky wastes are materials we cannot compact with our machines. Not all large materials are considered bulky wastes. Facility operators will determine the correct rate to apply.

See boat disposal instructions.

​$163.11 per ton plus tax

Needles / Sharps

Limit 3 containers per day.

Residents only. No businesses.

Place in FDA-cleared sharps container, laundry detergent container, or 2-liter soda bottle. No other containers accepted. Fill no more than 3/4 full. Label container as "BIOHAZARD." Label available at facility.

No charge


Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, water coolers, washers, dryers, stoves, ovens, dishwashers, water heaters, trash compactors. See all recycling locations.

Must be empty.

No commercial appliances accepted.

​$24 each

E-Cycle (​TV, computer, monitor, laptop, tablet, e-reader, portable DVD player recycling)

Limit 10 per day per person.See all recycling sites for these items.

No other electronics accepted for recycling. Find a recycling site for other electronics.

​No charge


Rims OK. Tractor tires not accepted. See all tire recycling locations.

​$11 each for passenger tires (17" rim size or less)

$13 each for commercial tires (18-22" rim size)

Clean Yard Waste

Branches, grass, leaves, garden trimmings. Branch size limit: no larger than 2 feet in diameter, no longer than 4 feet in length. Cannot be mixed with other material.  See all recycling locations.

No noxious weeds, blackberry, scotch broom, ivy, stumps, rocks, or dirt.

​Weekends- $100.19 per ton, recycled

Weekdays- $104* per ton, disposed as garbage

Due to high traffic and space limitations, we can no longer recycle yard waste brought to this facility Monday-Friday. It will be charged as garbage and landfilled when delivered on a weekday.

Clean yard waste can be recycled at this facility on the weekends or at private yard waste recycling facilities.

Processed Wood Waste

Precut lumber (whether treated, painted or not), pallets, packing crates (without varnish, lead or enamel paint, plastic, or hardware. Nails OK). See all recycling sites for wood waste.

Loads with plywood, oriented strand board, particle board, engineered decking, laminated wood, paneling, or plastic are charged the garbage rate.

​$62.02 per ton

Asbestos - Appointment Required

Learn asbestos disposal requirements for businesses and households.

​$247.52 per ton plus tax

Contaminated Soils

For petroleum or hazardous chemical contamination only. Does not include soils with non-hazardous trash.

Businesses must create a waste profile at wmsolutions.com. Once a waste profile is approved, you can bring this waste during operating hours. You must provide a copy of your approval for each load.   

​$65.45 per ton plux tax

Creosote-Treated Lumber

Residents can bring small truck beds of creosote lumber without a waste profile. Cut the lumber into 4 foot lengths. Lumber over 8 feet may be charged the bulky waste rate.

Businesses must create a waste profile at wmsolutions.com. Once a waste profile is approved, you can bring this waste during operating hours. You must provide a copy of your approval for each load.

​$78.04 per ton plus tax

​Unsecured/Uncovered Load Fee

Required by RCW 46.61.655 and Kitsap Code 9.18.010. Law enforcement can also issue fines.

​$10 per unsecured load

​​This facility also accepts coal ash, dredge spoils, and biosolids. Visit wmsolutions.com for disposal instructions. Once a waste profile is approved, you can bring this waste during operating hours. You must provide a copy of your approval for each load.

 Recycle and Household Hazardous Waste

Proceed to the recycle yard to right of the transfer station; do not need to check in at booth.

Accepted at no charge in the outdoor recycle area. 

Recyclables must be empty, clean, dry, and loose. No bagged items, plastic bags and wrap, Styrofoam, or shredded paper.

  • Plastic bottles, jugs, jars, and dairy tubs (no lids)

  • Metal cans (no loose lids)

  • Glass bottles and jars (no lids)

  • Cardboard (flattened)

  • Paper - mail, magazines and catalogs, newspaper, office paper, phone books, paperboard boxes, etc.

  • Newspaper

  • Scrap metal (must lift into container and contain no fluids)
  • Liquid cooking oil (filter at home to remove food particles, empty containers go in trash.)

  • Clothing and shoes

The following hazardous household items are accepted for no charge in the outdoor recycle area. Businesses waste not accepted.

 Restricted Items

Do not place these items in the garbage or recycling at this facility:

  • No hazardous waste including propane tanks, liquid paints and stains, batteries, fuel.

  • No vehicles, riding lawnmowers, trailers, vehicle parts, motors, engine parts

  • No liquid wastes

 Safety Guidelines

  • Secure your load for safer roads. Learn how in Washington State Patrol's Secure Your Load video

  • Customers with dump trucks or trailers must bring and wear hard hat and high-visibility vest.

  • Asbestos disposal requirements for all Olympic View Transfer Station customers

  • No smoking, vaping, or cell phone use

  • No kids under 12 or pets out of vehicles

  • No scavenging of waste or recyclables

  • Facility has stairs in recycling area