Olympic View Transfer Station - Bremerton, WA

Customers who arrive with an unsecured vehicle load are charged $10 unsecured load fee. Aviso en español.

Vehicle limitations

Customers with dump vehicles may use the commercial entrance only if they wear hard hat and high-visibility shirt. Only one person outside of commercial vehicles at a time. Maximum load length for self-haul is 32 feet.

Fees and services

Payment: Visa, MasterCard, cash, check with valid ID, or business account. Driver is responsible for payment at the time of service. Pay transfer station bill.

 Disposal and recycle fees

Fees effective January 1, 2024

Drive to scalehouse window. Washington solid waste collection tax (3.6%) added to disposal transactions.

​Minimum fee
​$42.00 including tax
​Applies to all materials charged by weight
​Garbage, solid waste
​$121.54 per ton, plus tax

​Bulky waste
​$235.61 per ton, plus tax
​Non-compactable waste (example: boats), as determined by operator
​$28.00 each, recycled
​Refrigerator, freezer, air conditioner, dehumidifier, water cooler, washer, dryer, stove, oven, dishwasher, water heater, trash compactor. Must be empty. No commercial appliances.
​$357.55 per ton, plus tax
​Appointment required. View requirements.
​Free, recycled
​TV, computer, monitor, laptop, tablet, e-reader, portable DVD player. Limit ten per day, per person.
​$95.54 per ton, plus tax
WM waste profile required for amounts over standard pickup load (three cubic yds) or soils contaminated with hazardous chemicals.
​Sharps from households
​Limit three container per day. Follow package requirements carefully. No commercial loads.
​$13.00 each, passenger, recycled

$16.00 each, commercial, recycled
​Rims OK. No tractor tires.
​Yard waste, weekends
​$136.75 per ton, recycled
​Branches, leaves, grass, trimmings. Recycled on weekends only. Branch size limit two feet diameter and four feet length. No noxious weeds or trash.
​Yard waste, weekdays
​Disposed as solid waste on weekdays
​Noxious weeds and trash OK.
​Creosote-treated lumber
​$112.73 per ton, plus tax
Lumber must be weathered to prevent leaching of creosote. Cut into four-foot lengths. More than 24 pieces requires a ​WM waste profile.
​Unsecured/uncovered load fee
​$10 per unsecured vehicle load
​Required by state and county law. Learn more.
​Coal ash, dredge spoils
​Contact facility for information
WM waste profile required.


Free recycling

Accepted at the scalehouse window for free. Limit 10 per day, per person. This is a registered E-Cycle Washington collection site.

  • TVs, computers, monitors, laptops, tablets, e-readers, portable DVD players

Accepted in self-service recycle yard for free. Download recycle guide. No bagged recyclables. Items must be empty, clean, and loose. 

  • Plastic bottles, jugs, jars, and dairy tubs (no lids) 
  • Metal cans (no loose lids)
  • Glass bottles and jars (no lids)
  • Cardboard (flattened)
  • Paper (mail, magazines and catalogs, newspaper, office paper, phone books, paperboard boxes, etc.) 
  • Scrap metal (must lift into container and contain no fluid or batteries)
  • Clothing and shoes (must be dry)

Paid recycling

Drive to scalehouse window to pay for: 

  • Appliance recycling
  • Tire recycling
  • Clean yard debris recycling (weekends only)

 Limited household hazardous wastes

No commercial hazardous waste loads accepted. Find business hazardous waste services.

Accepted in self-service recycle yard for free

  • Antifreeze from personal vehicles - limit five gallons per day
  • Motor oil from personal vehicles - limit five gallons per day
  • Small household ​batteries (alkaline, button, rechargeable, lithium) 

Accepted at scalehouse window for free

Restricted materials and safety

Restricted materials

Search the Waste Wizard to find alternative disposal sites for materials not accepted at this facility.

  • No automotive batteries
  • No boats over 20 feet
  • No CFLs or fluorescent lamps
  • No commercial appliances
  • No hazardous or dangerous wastes except those limited items accepted from households. 
  • No flammables, explosives, or fuels
  • No hot or unsoaked ash, briquettes, coal, or fireworks
  • No items containing fluid, liquid, or freon 
  • No items containing rechargeable batteries
  • No liquid cooking oil
  • No liquids
  • No liquid latex or water-based paint or stain
  • No medication
  • No oil-based paint, stain, or solvent
  • No pressurized tanks
  • No radioactive materials
  • No riding lawnmowers
  • No sharps in unapproved containers
  • No sharps from commercial customers
  • No vehicles or vehicle parts

Not a complete list of restricted materials. Facility operator makes final determination.

Safety requirements

  • Secure your load for safer roads- it's the law.
  • Facility monitored by video camera.
  • Customers using commercial entrance must wear hard hat and high-visibility clothing. 
  • No smoking, vaping, or cell phone use
  • Kids under twelve and pets must remain in vehicle
  • No scavenging or taking of waste or recyclables
  • This facility has stairs in the self-service recycle yard for cardboard, scrap metal, and mixed recyclables. Most recyclables must be lifted into chest-height dumpsters.