Asbestos Disposal Requirements - Olympic View Transfer Station

Olympic View Transfer Station accepts asbestos waste from all counties and cities by appointment only. Follow these steps to request an appointment and prepare your waste.

Step 1: Request appointment

Complete the required Asbestos Appointment Request formAppointments are available Monday - Friday between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. only.

Do not visit the facility until your appointment is confirmed. A WM representative will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your appointment. 

Step 2: Prepare materials

Materials must be wet upon delivery. Wet materials with water or a suitable non-hazardous wetting agent. 

Shingles and roofing 

  • Do not need to be bagged or wrapped

All other asbestos-containing materials

  • Double wrap in sturdy, leak-proof plastic bags (minimum 6 mil thick). 

  • Seal each bag (max 50 lbs. per bag). If larger pieces will not fit in a bag, double wrap the wet materials in heavy plastic sheeting (minimum 6 mil thick) and seal the package with duct tape.

  • Customer must lift each package into a container without staff assistance. 

Step 3: Attach label

Label each bag of asbestos-containing material with an asbestos label. Shingles and roofing do not require labels.

Step 4: Complete shipment report

Bring a completed Asbestos Waste Shipment Report for each load of asbestos-containing material brought to Olympic View Transfer Station. This is a legal document, so write legibly in black or blue ink.

Step 5: Deliver

Bring the asbestos-containing material and Asbestos Waste Shipment Report to Olympic View Transfer Station at your confirmed appointment time. Be prepared to pay current asbestos disposal fees. 

Did you know?

​Homeowners and contractors must survey for asbestos before demolition or renovation and follow the      notification, removal, and disposal requirements when asbestos is found.