Using Compost in County Projects

Washington’s Legislature passed the 2022 Organics Management Law requiring diversion of organic materials away from landfill disposal and towards food rescue programs and organics management facilities. Kitsap County supports and complies with this law by:

Using compost in county projects

Our departments use compost in a variety of projects and comply with the compost purchasing requirements of RCW 43.19A. In 2023, we passed Ordinance 618 to address the purchasing of compost for the following county projects:
  • Landscaping projects;

  • Construction and post-construction soil amendments;

  • Applications to prevent erosion, filter stormwater runoff, promote vegetation growth, or improve the stability and longevity of roadways; and 

  • Low-impact development and green infrastructure to filter pollutants or keep water on-site; or both.

Annual compost purchasing report

Starting December 31, 2024 and in each subsequent even-numbered year, we will report to Washington Department of Ecology the volume, cost, and sources of compost purchased by the County. We will begin collecting this data in 2023.