Bike and Walk

Bike and Walk Facilities

The Kitsap County Non-Motorized Facilities Plan identifies opportunities for bikers, walkers, and all persons with "connections within communities" and "connections between communities". The Plan goals are:

  • Recognize mobility needs of everyone
  • Identify differences between rural and urban areas
  • Make connections within communities, i.e. schools, parks, and services
  • Make connections between communities within Kitsap County
  • Promote recreational uses

Advisory Committee

Non-Motorized Facilities Plan

Non-Motorized Facilities Plan Maps (all appendixes) 

    1. Water Trails Map
    2. Route Map - Entire County
    3. Route Map - North
    4. Route Map - Central
    5. Route Map - South
    6. Bike Route Numbering System

Trails in Kitsap County Parks

ADA Transition Plan
Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits denying persons with disabilities equal opportunity to participate in city and county services, programs or activities. This includes public rights of way, such as sidewalks and pedestrian ramps. 
In order to comply with the Federal requirements, Kitsap County is developing an ADA Transition Plan. The Departments of Public Works, Human Resources, and other County agencies along with the Kitsap County ADA Committee, are working together to ensure the Transition Plan is holistic and comprehensive.

North Sound to Olympics (NSTO) Trail Planning Study (2024)
The purpose of this planning study was to advance analysis of the North Sound to Olympics (NSTO) shared-use path concept identified and documented in prior outreach and planning efforts with the "String of Pearls" plan (2011) and the adopted Kitsap County (County) Non-Motorized Facilities Plan (2013, amended 2018). These plans envisioned connecting communities, parks, and open space between Kingston and Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park. The study assessed feasibility, outlined benefits and impacts, and identified a preferred route for the NSTO. For more information, follow this link to view the project page:

Related Projects

1)  Clear Creek Shared-Use Path is a 1.2-mile paved path for all ages and abilities that meanders through the 69 Schold Farm Natural Resource Area. The path connects Bangor Naval Base to Silverdale. The Markwick Trail Extension Project (scheduled in 2021) will extend the trail from Silverdale Way NW to Ridgetop Blvd NW. The Path connects with the Clear Creek Trail System, a system of soft trails and boardwalks within Silverdale that ends at Dyes Inlet.

2)  Jarstad Trail Feasibility Study

3)  Port Gamble (Sound-to-Olympics) Trail Feasibility Study  

4)  Divide Block North Sound to Olympic (STO) Trail Planning