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Available Curbside Collection

Contact a local service provider to sign up for and ask questions about your collection service. Garbage and recycling collection is available to every home in Kitsap County through a local service provider. 

Compost Service

Curbside compost service is available to most single-family homes in Kitsap County, including all of North and South Kitsap. Some rural areas in Central Kitsap do not have compost collection available. By 2026, all Central Kitsap single-family homes will have the option to add compost services. See if you are eligible for this service.

Shrink Your Garbage

Compost service includes both food scraps and yard waste in one bin. By adding compost service, you may be able to shrink your garbage needs and offset some of the cost of compost pickup services. 

Search the compost service map to see if your home can receive collection services. If not available at this time, sign up to be notified when services are in your area.

Kitsap County does not provide, oversee or regulate waste collection services. Send concerns about services in areas outside city limits to the Washington Utilities and Transportation Committee, the state agency that regulates these services.

Service Providers by Area

Contact Kitsap County Multifamily Recycling Program for help with apartment and condo waste services.

Outside City Limits

Kitsap County

Contact WM Northwest at 1-800-592-9995. Compost collection is available in some areas of Kitsap County. 

​Inside City Limits

Bainbridge Island

Contact Bainbridge Disposal at 1-206-842-4882. Recycling is included with garbage service.


Contact WM Northwest at 1-800-592-9995. Garbage and recycling services are required by the city. 

​Port Orchard

Contact WM Northwest at 1-800-592-9995. Garbage and recycling services are required by the city. 


Contact City of Poulsbo Solid Waste at 1-360-779-4078. Garbage and recycling services are required by the city.

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Hire a Permitted
Junk Hauler

Junk haulers are permitted by Kitsap Public Health. Solid waste hauling is a regulated industry in Washington State.