Sewer Utility 20-Year Facility Plans

Kitsap County has 20-Year Facility Plans for wastewater capital projects. Plans may take several minutes to download. Appendices can be reviewed at the Public Works Annex by calling Kitsap1 at 360.377.5777.

Central Kitsap County Wastewater Facility Plan (PDF) - March 2011 - click here

Executive Summary only (PDF) - click here

Central Kitsap County Wastewater Facility Plan Addendum (PDF) – May 2013 - click here

Design Report CKTP Reclamation and Reuse (PDF) - August 2011 - click here

Kingston Wastewater Facilities Plan Update Addendum (PDF) - May 2013 - click here

Manchester Sewer Facilities Strategy Plan (PDF) - October 2014 - click here

Suquamish Basis of Design Summary (PDF) - February 2014 - click here

Suquamish Conveyance Improvements Report (PDF) - June 2012 - click here