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Probate  or Guardianship


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Washington forms and Instructions available online at:


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Case Information Cover Sheet - Civil
Case Information Cover Sheet - Family

Case Information Cover Sheet - Probate

Filing Fee Waiver

Foreign Subpoena Instructions

Motion & Declaration

Newspaper Publications
Note for Motion Docket
Note for Trial Setting
Request for Continuance
Satisfaction of Judgment
Sealed Confidential Reports Cover Sheet
Sealed Financial Source Documents Cover Sheet
Sealed Guardianship Document
Sealed Guardianship Phone Number
Sealed Personal Health Care Records Cover Sheet


Department of Licensing Appeals



Change of Address
Guide to Expunging Criminal Records
When & How to Seal/Vacate Non-Violent Class B or C Felony Convictions Occurring on or after July 1, 1984




Foreign Judgment Instructions
Motion & Declaration
Note for Motion Docket
Request for Continuance
Satisfaction of Judgment
Summons & Complaint - Contractor's Bond



Certificate of Dissolution Form
Child Support Schedule
Child Support Worksheets
Declaration of Mailing
Note for Motion Docket - Pro Se Dissolution Calendar
Request for Continuance 
Settlement Conference - Forms & Instructions
Note for Settlement Conference
Motion & Declaration
Motion to Compel-Waive Parenting Seminar Packet
Sealed Financial Source Documents Cover Sheet

Exhibit O

DUI Resources 

Victim Impact Panels - Washington Traffic Safety Commission

Probation Services (

Pages - Drager Information (


Emancipation Checklist
Emancipation Packet



Small Estate Affidavit & Procedure

General Procedure for Starting Probate
Will Repository Information

Probate process and forms can be found online at:


Information on Adoption can be found at:

  Kitsap County Kits Available

Domestic Relations Cases

Prices listed for Clerk's office pick up; there is an additional $5 fee for mailing or PDF Download.

Agreed Dissolution with Children​$25.00
​Agreed Dissolution without Children​$12.00
​Contested Dissolution with Children​$35.00
​Contested Dissolution without Children​$16.00
​Agreed Legal Separation with Children​$27.00
​Agreed Legal Separation without Children​$13.00

How to Obtain a Temporary Order

(In an existing case)
​How to File a Contempt Motion$10.00

Contested Child Support Modification

(Universal to all case types)


Agreed Child Support Modification

(Universal to all case types)


Parenting Plan Modification​$25.00


Parentage/Parenting & Support Cases

How to Establish Parentage

(Birth affidavit not signed)

​Agreed Parenting Plan/Child Support​$22.00
​Contested Parenting Plan/Child Support$30.00
How to Obtain a Temporary Order

(In an existing case)

​How to File a Contempt Motion​$10.00
​Contested Child Support Modification(Universal to all case types)​$25.00
Agreed Child Support Modification

(Universal to all case types)

​Parenting Plan Modification$25.00


Probate Cases

Starting Probate with a will

Starting Probate without a will​$10.00

Restoring Right to Possess Firearms

Restoring your Firearms



Guardianship Cases

Starting a  New Guardianship

​Periodic Guardianship Accounting​$7.00

Agreed Minor Guardianship                     

Contested Minor Guardianship               ​$45.00

Adoption Cases

Agreed Step Parent Adoption           

Contested Step Parent Adoption            ​$17.00

**Kit prices and availability are subject to change**


 Kits may be purchased in person at the

Clerk’s Office located at:

614 Division Street, Room 202

Port Orchard, WA 98366

or onlinePacket Request


Document Charts

Dissolution (Divorce)

Registered Domestic Partnership

Parenting Plan (Parties are not married)

Establishing Parentage

Parenting Plan Modification

Child Support Modification

Minor Guardianship Custody

Adult Guardianship

General Procedure for Starting Probate