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Electronic Court Documents

The Clerk's Office offers two options for electronic access to select publicly available court records.  

Infrequent Users

If you are an infrequent user looking to purchase certified or non-certified records, access through the Washington State Digital Archives is available.

          • Under the dropdown for "Record Series", select Superior Court Records. Select Kitsap County for the "County" dropdown.
          • Enter the case number you are searching for with dashes. If you do not know a case number you can search through the Odyssey Portal.
          • Once your case appears you may select which documents you would like to purchase, the title of the document is listed under "Description". To preview a portion of the document to verify that is what you're looking for, click the page/magnifying glass icon under "Image Exists".
          • After you've selected your documents, click "Add to Cart" then continue with the checkout process.


Frequent Users

Please note:  The Odyssey Portal is a subscription-based service for frequent users requiring access to electronic court documents to perform the duties of their employment.  Access to electronic court records is available to the general public at the Washington State Digital Archives. See steps above. 

If you are a frequent user of court records, information on our subscription service, Odyssey is available HERE. If you have read the registration information and would like to subscribe to the Odyssey Portal, CLICK HERE.

Audio CD of Court Hearings

All audio recording's are $25 per hearing day and payable in advance by cash, money order, or by card using

A minimum fee of $2, up to 2.4% of the transaction amount, will be charged for online payments and payments made over the phone.

Once the request has been submitted and paid for, the recording is typically available for pick up or digital download in 3-5 business days. There is an additional $5 fee (per CD) if mailing. To expedite the request to 1-2 business days, it is an additional $20.  

Regular Processing (3-5 business days) Pick up in Clerk's Office/Digital Download

$25 per hearing day

Regular Processing (3-5 business days) Mailed to address

$30 per hearing day

Expedited processing (1-2 business days) Pick up in Clerk's Office/Digital Download

$45 per hearing day

Expedited Processing (1-2 business days) Mailed to address

$50 per hearing day

Fees must be paid prior to request being submitted. If request comes without a Point&Pay confirmation number or other form of payment, it will not be fulfilled.

To request an Audio Recording, click the button below.

Submit a Request button.png

If you choose the Digital Download option, a link will be emailed to the email address provided. Be sure to download your file as the link will expire 30 days from being sent.

Once you have received your recording, you can listen to the contents by going to and downloading "FTR Player".

Please note: Digital audio recordings may not be available for all Court proceedings. While most Court Proceedings are digitally recorded, some may have been reported by a Court Reporter. Once the request has been submitted, a deputy clerk will review your request and determine if audio recording is available. If no audio recording is available, a refund will be issued. No video recording is available for purchase.

If the audio from a court proceeding is sealed or confidential, you must appear in person to request and, if authorized to access the case, provide government issued picture ID and payment for the request.

Written Transcripts of Proceedings

If requesting a typed transcript of a hearing that was recorded digitally, you may need to purchase the audio CD prior to requesting from the court transcriber.

For more information on typed transcripts please visit the Superior Court website.

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