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As a party to a Domestic Relations case, you may choose to represent yourself (known as Pro Se).  When you act as your own attorney, you are responsible to know and follow Court rules and procedures.  Domestic Relations cases are lawsuits, and concern many complicated issues such as child support and placement, property division, retirement benefits, spousal maintenance (alimony) and debts.  If you need legal advice regarding your lawsuit, you should see an attorney. 

The staff of the Kitsap County Clerk’s Office cannot refer you to a specific attorney.  To find an attorney, ask a friend or family member for a referral, check the Washington State Bar Association Lawyer Directory, and/or use some of the resources included below.

Kitsap County Superior Court

Kitsap County Superior Court has created four publications below to assist persons who are representing themselves in family law matters.

Tips for Representing Yourself in Family Law Matters

10 Trial Tips in Family Law Cases

Tips for Child Support Modification Hearings

Kitsap County Local Court Rules Available Here


Kitsap Legal Services

Kitsap Legal Services provides free civil legal assistance (no criminal) and information to low income individuals who reside in Kitsap County, or who have a legal issue in Kitsap County, through the use of volunteer attorneys and community members.  To contact Kitsap Legal Services, please call 360-479-6125, email, or find us online at   

Northwest Justice Project

Persons with low income may qualify for legal services through the Northwest Justice Project by calling their toll-free CLEAR line at 1-888-201-1014 (1-888-201-9737 TDD) or by visiting their website.

Persons age 60 and over, regardless of income, may call CLEAR*Sr at 1-888-387-7111


Washington Law Help

Washington LawHelp is provided as a public service by the Northwest Justice Project in collaboration with other legal aid providers in the Alliance for Equal Justice and Washington courts.  This site provides legal education materials and tools, and in some cases, detailed instructions and forms to help you represent yourself in court. 


Washington Bar Association Lawyer Directory

Find an attorney near you who specializes in exactly what you're looking for.


Probate Information and Forms