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Sewer​Water use, sewer systems, wastewater treatment
StormwaterStormwater, salmon, streams and water quality
Recycling and WasteWaste reduction and management, recycling, composting



3 - 4
​Through their investigations with the NGSS-aligned lessons in this unit, students develop an understanding of salmon life cycles; internal and external structures that function to support survival, growth, behavior, and reproduction; different inherited traits and the affect the environment can have on these traits; and the impacts humans can have on salmon and their habitat. These lessons can be used when raising salmon in your classroom, observing them being raised virtually, or not raising them at all. Teachers can download and print copies of the unit for their use. Bound copies are made available at periodic teacher trainings.
​Digital Curriculum
Salmon and Their Habitat unit
​9 - 12
​WSU Researcher Dr. Jennifer McIntyre shares 2021 research on causes of pre-spawn mortality in salmon and the discovery of a tire chemical that impacts stormwater and coho salmon
YouTube Video​Where the Rubber Meets the Road

3 - 5


9 - 12

Polluted stormwater runoff is the number one threat to the water quality of the Puget Sound. These curricula develop and cultivate an understanding of the serious issues facing our community from stormwater runoff and to share specific actions we can take to improve the quality of our water. In these units, students will utilize problem solving models to replicate the thinking process of engineers addressing polluted stormwater runoff.

​Digital Curricula ​Drain Rangers! & Engineering Solutions: Investigating Polluted Stormwater Runoff
​K - 5
​Based at Central Kitsap Heritage Park, local volunteer Frank Strickland talks about beavers, water table, and how our inland areas are connected to our streams and Puget Sound.  Highlights a school rain garden project at Klahowya Secondary School.
Vimeo Video

Who Uses the Rain?​
​K - 5
​Based at Ollala Elementary School, students explain the connection between the community and Olalla Creek.  Includes information about rain gardens and permeable pavement.
Vimeo Video


Who Swims in the Rain?
​K - 5
​Author and biologist Ron Hirschi takes you to two different streams in Poulsbo and shows some of the impact human development has had on salmon habitat.
​Vimeo Video

Is This Where Puget Sound Starts?
​K - 12
​Amazing up-close look at the macroinvertebrate caddisfly and how they build homes with "double-sided sticky tape".  Connection to bioengineering as well as salmon.
​YouTube Video

​PBS Deep Look: Sticky, Stretchy, Waterproof - The Amazing Underwater Tape of the Caddisfly
3 - 12
​Puget Sound diver Laura James takes us inside a stormwater outfall in Seattle for an up-close look. Researcher Jennifer McIntyre presents research being conducted at the Washington Stormwater Center in Puyallup to see how polluted runoff impacts aquatic life.
​Vimeo Video

Drained: Urban Stormwater Pollution
3 - 12
​From the Nature Conservancy - similar to "Drained: Urban Stormwater Pollution" but less detail about the research.
​YouTube Video

Solving Stormwater
​3 - 12
​Follow three teens as they search for a lost key down a storm drain, and learn about stormwater pollution in Puget Sound and you can do about it.
​YouTube Video

Lost and Puget Sound​
3 - 12
​King County - what stormwater is and how a stormwater system works.  Applicable in Kitsap County.

How a Stormwater System Works​
            3 - 12
​King County - a short video explaining why we have storm drains.  Applicable in Kitsap County.
​Vimeo Video

​Focus on Storm Drains


 Recycling & Waste

Videos & Lessons

​K - 12

Waste Solutions: This TED Ed lesson explores how worms can reduce our waste.

Digital Lesson & Video 4:29

Vermicomposting: How worms can reduce our waste

​K - 12
Waste Solutions: This 100 day time lapse video shows vermicomposting in a carbon only worm bin. 

YouTube Video


Vermicomposting: 100 Day Timelapse Worms Eating Carbon
​K - 12
Waste Solutions: This 62 day timelapse video shows Red Wigglers eating a whole pumpkin. 

Vermicomposting: 62 Day Timelapse Worms Eating Pumpkin
​K - 12

Waste Solutions: This TED Ed lesson traces the life cycles of three different plastic bottles, shedding light on the dangers these disposables present to our world.

Digital Lessons
& Video
What really happens to the plastic you throw away 
​​K - 12

Recycling Technology: What happens to your recyclables after the truck picks them up? Take a virtual tour of a recycling center in action!

YouTube Video


Virtual Tour of a Recycling Sorting Facility
​​K - 12

Local Perspectives: This video follows the incredible journey of Kitsap County’s waste.

 Vimeo Video


Journey of Garbage & Recycling in Kitsap County
K - 12

Global Perspectives: ​In Kamikatsu, Japan, 80% of the town's waste is reused in its rigorous recycling program. So what is life like in this zero waste town?

YouTube Video


How this Japanese Town Produces Almost No Trash

Guides & Posters

​K - 12​Use this tool to find options for recycling in Kitsap.​DigitalRecycling Search Tool
​K - 12​A visual guide to recycling in Kitsap County.​DigitalRecycling Guide
Recycling Guide - full color

Recicla Bien - Español

​K - 12​A guide to understanding items in your home that need special handling.​DigitalHazardous Waste Guide
​Steps to make and care for an indoor worm composting bin.

Worm Bin Quick Start & Care Guide
​K - 12
​A feeding guide for use with indoor worm composting bins.
Worm Feeding Guide
​K - 12
​A guide to proper produce storage.
​DigitalFruit & Vegetable Storage Guide
​K - 12​A visual representation of what happens to your garbage and recycled items after they leave your home.​DigitalRecycling & Garbage Journey Poster
​​K - 12​A coloring page of the visual representation of what happens to your garbage and recycled items after they leave your home.​DigitalRecycling & Garbage Journey Coloring Page
​K - 12​A visual representation of what happens to your hazardous household waste items after they leave your home.​DigitalHazardous Waste Journey Poster


K - 5

School kids in Australia get a close-up look at sewage treatment.



Poo Crew

​6 - 12

In collaboration with BKAT-TV, the Kitsap County Sewer Utility completed a 12-minute documentary highlighting the treatment process at the Central Kitsap Treatment Facility north of Silverdale.

Vimeo Video


CK Treatment Plant

​6 - 12

Although products like facial tissues, dental floss, cotton swabs, and kitty litter may flush down the toilet, they can cause clogged pipes for you and your neighbors. See Will It Flush? to find out more, and many thanks to City of Spokane Department of Wastewater Management for sharing its entertaining and educational video in partnership with WEF.

​YouTube Video



Will it Flush? Video - Water Environment Federation

 Additional Resources

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