About the Educators

Our goal is to teach students the importance of conserving resources while giving teachers, parents, and youth leaders the support and materials needed to integrate environmental education into a curriculum or an event.

Water use, sewer systems and wastewater treatment
Stormwater, salmon, streams, and water quality
Recycling and Waste
Waste reduction and management, recycling, composting


Lauren Liming holds an MS in environmental sciences and policy from Johns Hopkins University and a BS in biology and chemistry from Randolph College. She is an approachable educator that emphasizes waste reduction, environmental justice and fighting climate change. Students are challenged to think critically about ways to reduce waste and solve environmental problems. Lauren provides lessons, projects and tours.

Solid Waste Educator lliming@kitsap.gov



​Pat Kirschbaum is the School and Youth Educator for stormwater programs in unincorporated Kitsap County. She has a Master’s Degree in education and has worked for Kitsap County Public Works since 1995. She provides engaging lessons about salmon, streams, and water pollution while sharing real-life, local examples with students. These local examples further student understanding of the subject in the places where they live.

Stormwater Educator pkirschb@kitsap.gov



Lisa Edge has an ABJ Advertising degree from the University of Georgia and 16 years of communication experience in state, regional and local government. She provides education on how our everyday habits affect the performance of sewer and septic systems and ways Kitsap County is treating the water we use to protect our environment. Lisa is the school and youth educator for Sewer Division. Topics include wastewater treatment systems, water-related sustainability issues, global water supplies, and daily water use. 

Stormwater Educator ledge@kitsap.gov

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