Salmon in the Classroom Unit


Through their investigations, students develop an understanding of salmon life cycles; internal and external structures that function to support survival, growth, behavior and reproduction; different inherited traits; and that the environment can also affect the traits that these fish develop.

Click on the links below to download the entire unit or specific sections.

Teachers raising salmon in the classroom

The unit below is designed for teachers who are raising salmon in a tank in their classroom.


 Public Works Salmon Tank

FULL UNIT- with a salmon tank

Teachers not raising salmon in the classroom

The unit below is to be used to teach students about salmon when it is not possible to raise salmon in a tank in the classroom.

FULL UNIT- without a tank

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The Salmon in the Classroom project was started in 1988 by the Central Kitsap Kiwanis Club. It is now a partnership with the Clear Creek Task Force, Silverdale Kiwanis Club, Clean Water Kitsap, Kitsap Public Utility District, United Van Lines, Suquamish Tribe, Air Management Solutions and over 30 local classrooms with the shared goal of enhancing the salmon population in Clear Creek and educating students on the importance of ecosystems.