Online Reporting 

 Types of Online Reporting

You can make four different types of online reports:

1. Low level, no suspect reports can be made online. 

2. Collisions law enforcement did not respond to.

3. Report Abandoned and Junk vehicles.

4. Boating collisions

Please read the directions before starting a report.

​Report a Crime

The online crime reporting is designed to record low level, no suspect information crimes.  It is critical all crimes are reported for statistical and analytical purposes, so the Sheriff's Office can allocate resources and return stolen property found by law enforcement.
  • Do not report theft of vehicles, burglaries to homes or businesses, or stolen firearms via this online report.  Instead, please call 9-1-1 to have a Deputy respond.
  • Do not include attachments such as photos or documents, via the online reporting system, because it will not transfer over to our records management system.
  • If you are ready to file an online report, read the instructions in the link below. 
Motor Vehicle Collision
To report a motor vehicle collision please refer to the Washington State Patrol online collision reporting system found here

Any driver, pedestrian, pedal cycle, or property owner involved in a collision within WA state – with $1000 or more damage to any one unit and/or injury to any person – must complete a Motor Vehicle Collision Report. However, if a police officer is present and indicates he/she will submit a collision report, then you are not required to submit one.

Use this site to enter and submit a collision report, to purchase a report use WRECR

The Online Motor Vehicle Collision Reporting (OMVCR) is not compatible with all smart phones, so please use a computer to file the report.

Abandoned and Junk Vehicles

If an abandoned vehicle is on county right of way, the vehicle is stored there more than 24 hours, not currently registered, or obviously unable to run, complete this short online form.

When a junk vehicle is on private property and the property owner wants it removed.  The Sheriff's Office can only complete a junk vehicle affidavit for vehicles to be scraped, the individual may not obtain a lost or alternate title with this form, online form.

You may also call Kitsap 1 at 360.337.5777 or send an email.  

For more information click here.

Boating Collision

The owner or operator of any recreational boat is required to file a Boating Accident Report (BAR) if the boat is involved in an incident that results in:
  1. A person's death or disappearance; or
  2. Injury which requires medical treatment beyond first aid; or
  3. Damage to the boat or other property exceeding $2000.00; or
  4. Complete loss of the boat

The BAR can be found here.