Water Festival

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Kitsap Water Festival is returning! Save the date!
Tuesday, April 16, 2024


Kitsap Water Festival is a whole day of learning about and celebrating water. Education experts, environmental professionals, storytellers, entertainers and members of the community make this a fun event for local students. 

The Festival is open to 4th grade students (3rd grade for North Kitsap School District and Bainbridge Island). 

Students, teachers, and chaperones arrive at the Kitsap County Fairgrounds and receive a schedule for the day. They attend presentations, free time exhibits and a magic show. The day’s events include discovering the hydrologic cycle; how to use our water resources wisely; fish and wildlife habitat; streams and wetlands; marine science; and pollution prevention. 

District buses are sponsored by Kitsap Water Purveyors.

Teachers: want your class to attend Water Festival?

Participating classes are chosen by the School District Curriculum Offices. Check with them for more details.

Other Ways to Participate

See below for ways to participate and support the Festival.


Provide 35-minute presentations about water


Present a water-related exhibit for students to visit during free time


Assist with presentations, activities, setup and/or cleanup


Be a financial sponsor of the Festival

Festival Brought to You By:
Kitsap Public Health District; Kitsap County Public Works; Kitsap Public Utility District; Silverdale Water District; City of Bremerton Public Works; Parametrix; City of Bainbridge Island.  

Questions? Contact Pat Kirschbaum at pkirschbaum@kitsap.gov or 360.307.4278.