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Kitsap County Public Works Department makes our communities better and safer places to live, work, and play.


Andrew Nelson, P.E.


Provide the citizens of Kitsap County with quality service in the planning, maintenance, and operations of public works facilities. We are committed to delivering these services in a courteous, expedient, and professional manner. We are accredited through the American Public Works Association.

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Road Division

​We maintain, operate, and improve over 900 miles of roads in unincorporated Kitsap County.  This effort requires approximately 150 engineers, surveyors, planners, technicians, road workers and others who are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the County's transportation network in a safe and cost effective manner. 

The Road Division is divided into sections: Engineering, Road Maintenance, Traffic Operations and Transportation Planning. Each provides specialized services to County residents. Together we manage the County's transportation network. The ultimate goal of the Division's work is to develop, operate and maintain safe and efficient roadways that meet the public's expectations and respect the natural and manmade environment.

Learn about the Roads Division.

Sewer Utility Division

​The Sewer Utility Division operates four sewage treatment plants and maintains 64 pump stations, 152 miles of gravity pipe, 48 miles of force mains and 3,775 manholes in Kitsap County. Other services include construction plan review and inspections, sewer utility billing, community education and outreach, GIS mapping, maintenance of sewer records and responding to public information requests. It is our goal to protect public health and the environment while providing cost effective service for our customers.

Learn about connecting to sewer.


Solid Waste Division

​The Solid Waste Division plans, develops, and implements solid waste management programs. We also operate public waste facilities.

We work to conserve natural resources and reduce impacts to land, water, air and climate. We strive to provide environmental and cost-effective facilities and services.

Learn about our facilities and programs.

Stormwater Division

​We are a member of the Clean Water Kitsap partnership. Clean Water Kitsap protects people, property and the environment by managing flooding and preventing water pollution.  Our nationally recognized stormwater management program is funded by some of the lowest rates in Western Washington.

Here is what your stormwater fees pay for:

Drainage Improvements
We improve the storm drain system to reduce flooding, improve water quality, and increase fish passage. Our inspection and maintenance program prevents pollutants and debris from entering waterways.

Water Quality Protection
Our partners know that there is more to surface waters than what is on the surface. Watershed health monitoring, water cleanup and restoration projects, and public health water monitoring keep our waters safe for recreation and shellfishing.

Public Education & Involvement
Our many community programs help citizens understand their connection to water quality.  Programs like the Rain Gardens and More cost share, Backyard Habitat Restoration, and Agriculture Technical Assistance help property owners improve their homes while protecting our watersheds.

Water Resource Planning

Careful planning on a watershed scale ensures that people, fish and wildlife continue to have abundant, clean water.  We collaborate with community partners to identify and apply strategies for protecting our water resources while making sure we have needed growth.

Learn about the Stormwater Division.