Subarea Plans

​​Subarea Plans

A subarea plan is a type of long-range planning for a limited geographic area within a community.

These subarea plans focus on goals and policies to form the framework for the plan as well as specific goals and policies for land-use, environmental protection, and transportation.

These chapters are also available in the 2016 Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan located here.  

Subarea Plans

Silverdale Vision, Goals and Policies

Kingston Vision, Goals and Policies

​Gorst Vision, Goals and Policies 


​​Silverdale is on the Kitsap Peninsula, situated ten miles northwest of the city of Bremerton and nine miles south of Poulsbo. Silverdale lies at the north tip of Dyes Inlet, which connects it to Bremerton via Sinclair Inlet and the Pacific Ocean via Puget Sound

 Silverdale Design Standards document 

Silverdale Design Standards webpage

Silverdale Design Districts Map

Silverdale Regional Center

​Historically known as the "Little City by the Sea" and the northern gateway to the Kitsap Peninsula and Olympic National Park & Forest. Founded in 1853 by Benjamin Bannister, the father of Kingston, the community was originally known as Apple Tree Cove.

Kingston Design Standards document 

Kingston Design Standards webpage

Kingston Community Advisory Council​

Kingston Complete Streets Report
Inserts Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The City of Bremerton and Kitsap County, in partnership with other state, federal, and tribal agencies, have developed a 20-year plan for the future of Gorst. The purpose of this cooperative planning effort has been to develop a land use plan that is based on the ecological values and functions of the Gorst Creek Watershed.

Gorst Subarea Plan 


Limited Areas of More Intense Rural Development (LAMIRD)

​Manchester Rural Village Vision, Goals and Policies

​Suquamish Rural Village Vision, Goals and Policies

​Keyport Rural Village Vision, Goals and Policies

​Manchester was established in the 1860's and was originally known as Brooklyn, after the borough in New York City. The name was changed to Manchester in 1892 in honor of the city of Manchester, England.


Manchester Community Plan

Manchester Design Standards webpage


Manchester View Protection Overlay Map

Manchester Community Advisory Council

​Suquamish is a community at the west end of Port Madison Bay on Port Madison Indian Reservation in northeast Kitsap County mainland. Chief Seattle is buried in a cemetery under the name
Noah Sealth. The community name is based on the Indian name,
Suk-wa-bish, which included Old Man House to the south, near
Agate Pass.


Suquamish Rural Village Sub-Area Plan

Suquamish Community Advisory Council

​Known as "Torpedo Town USA," Keyport is home to the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.  Keyport is located just off Highway 3, between Silverdale and Poulsbo.

Keyport Community Plan
(November 19, 2007)

Keyport Design Guidelines webpage

Community Plans

Illahee Vision, Goals and Policies

Kitsap County Agricultural Strategic Plan​

Located in Kitsap County between the cities of Bremerton and Silverdale, Illahee is geographically centered about the natural features of Illahee Creek and its unspoiled watershed with much of the surroundings existing as it has for centuries.

Illahee Community Plan

Illahee View Protection Overlay map

Kitsap County Agricultural Strategic Plan coordinated with the assistance of local agencies, professional partners, and citiznes, provides the following material:

Assessment of regional and local economic and activity trends for farming.

Review of regional strategies for local use.

Review of County regulations as they affect agriculture.

Mapping and inventory of farming properties prioritizing their value for farmland preservation.

Strategic plan for future actions by Kitsap County and the farming community.