Manchester Design District

The purpose of design standards is to guide the general character and the look and feel of a designated area, this includes: structures, landscaping, signage, etc.

Standards are baseline requirements for the design of development projects.  Some guidelines are recommendations that are intended to further define the desired character of development within the districts.

Typically projects are designed from the requirements of Kitsap County Code, Title 17 Zoning (Title 17.420.050) however since your parcel falls within one of Kitsap County’s design districts you will also need to follow the standards described in the Manchester Design.  If there is a conflict in requirements the more restrictive will apply.

The character of Manchester lies not just in its houses or its buildings but in the spirit of the people who have chosen to make it home. It is not a bedroom community of a metropolitan city. It is its own unique statement of a village with a strong sense of preserving the lifestyle it offers.

These design standards were specifically formulated to preserve and enhance the local businesses, while maintaining the rural village atmosphere, that serve the residents and are part of the neighborhood in the services and support that they provide to the community. Most of the businesses are located in the downtown area (i.e. the Manchester Village Commercial (MVC) zone)—the zone of application for the Design Standards. It is bounded by Daniels Loop to the north, the rear lot-lines of the parcels abutting the eastern side Colchester Avenue to the east, East Spruce Street on the south and Spring Avenue to the west

Manchester Design Standards
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Manchester Community Plan

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