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Law Enforcement Officer & Fire Fighter Disability Board

(LEOFF 1 Disability Board)



Reimbursement Submittals

LEOFF 1 members: Continue to submit requests for reimbursement and invoices for processing via the postal service. A new expense form was created for ease of submitting reimbursements. Please download a copy here, print, complete and send in with receipts and other documentation to:

Kitsap County Risk Management

614 Division St., MS-7 

Port Orchard WA 98366

Questions? Contact Jammie Clark, Kitsap County Workers' Compensation Coordinator, at


The LEOFF 1 Disability Board acts upon claims for disability, either approving or disapproving them in compliance with the provisions of RCW 41.26. This Provision provides for the payment of death, disability and retirement benefits to law enforcement officers, fire fighters, or their beneficiaries. Only claims of members who were employed prior to October 1, 1977 will be heard by LEOFF.

LEOFF Rules, Policies & Procedures

An update to the LEOFF RUles, Policies & Procedures was approved by the LEOFF 1 Board in February 2023. The signed, amended policy will be posted soon.
View the 2023 Rules, Policies & Procedures here.


This Board was established pursuant to the authority of RCW 41.26.110 (b), and its powers, duties and responsibilities are established by state law. In the event of any conflict of these rules with state law, the latter shall govern.

Meeting Time and Location

Meetings are held as needed with location to be determined. Notice and agendas will be posted here.

LEOFF 1 Board Meeting Minutes

February 2023

March 2022

February 2022


Membership of the LEOFF 1 Board

  • One member from the County legislative body, selected by the County legislative body. 
  • One member selected from a city or town (municipal) legislative body located within the County, in which the city or town does not contain a disability board. 
  • One member selected from fire service agencies subject to the jurisdiction of the County disability board. 
  • One member selected from law enforcement agencies subject to the jurisdiction of the County disability board. 
  • One member from the public at large who resides within the County but does not reside within a city in which a disability board is established.


​         Members​     Representing     ​Appointed By
Katie Walters
​Legislative Body​County Commissioners
​Rhiannon Fernandez
​MunicipalCity Mayors
​Edward Boucher​Fire Service​Fire Fighters Members
​Don Lutes​Law Enforcement​Law Enforcement Members
​Tim Anderson
​Community (unincorporated area)​LEOFF 1 Board