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Public Works Announces Reorganization to Improve Efficiency and Management6/25/2024

​PORT ORCHARD, Wash. – Kitsap County is pleased to announce a strategic reorganization within the Public Works department, aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and management effectiveness. This reorganization, approved by the Board of Commissioners, introduces a new Public Works Capital Facilities Division and integrates the Facilities Maintenance team into Public Works.

The reorganization seeks to better align the management structure with the Facilities Maintenance mission. Previously managed by the County Administrator, the Facilities Maintenance team will now benefit from Public Works' extensive experience in operating and maintaining a diverse set of facilities and infrastructure. With an established history of high standards and delivering quality services, Public Works is well-positioned to support the Facilities Maintenance team.

In addition to realigning Facilities Maintenance, Public Works has been tasked with managing the design and construction of the County Courthouse upgrades. This multi-phased project, which has been in the planning stage for many years, will now move to design and construction under the leadership of the new Public Works Capital Facilities Division. This division will also oversee future capital projects for Parks, Utilities, Facilities, and other county administrative requirements.

To assist with this transition, the County is hiring a new Public Works Assistant Director for Capital Facilities and additional Project Management positions to support the new Courthouse and Parks capital programs.

This reorganization opens new opportunities for professional and technical staff growth within Public Works, providing additional pathways for professional development and advancement.

"We are excited about the merger of our Facilities Maintenance and custodial staff into the Public Works team," said Katie Walters, chair of the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners. "This integration will enhance our ability to deliver high-quality services and support the growth and development of our professional staff."


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