Kitsap GIS

GIS is a collection of computer hardware, software and geographic data for capturing, managing, analyzing and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information.  We provide professional services, data and information to meet the business needs of County departments, other County entities, and the public.

Our services include development, maintenance and distribution of enterprise based and business-driven spatial data, applications and mapping. In collaboration with other divisions and departments, we provide GIS environment customization, web-based map and data development, and application support.

Interactive GIS Applications and Data

Parcel Map Search

Search or Locate tax property information from a map.
Parcel Details

Search for tax property information without the map.
Map Library

Download pre-made maps in PDF format.
Section Download

Download Assessor tax maps, section drawings, contours, and imagery by section.

Visualize and Download GIS data layers and tables. 

Data Download

Download GIS data layers and tables - Traditional site.

 Other Popular Items

EXTERNAL LINKS  This page provides links to other GIS-related mapping sites and links to free software for viewing maps and spatial data.


This interesting graphic shows how Kitsap County uses tax account numbers for representing acreages (large parcels) and platted parcels.

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