Performance Excellence Across Kitsap

Performance Excellence Across Kitsap

The PEAK program strives to encourage a County-wide culture of performance excellence, continuous improvement and empirically based decision making as a means of helping to provide efficient, accessible and effective County services.  Aligning with the County's mission and vision ensures that we are focused on citizen needs and expectations.

Data Visuals are an important component of telling the Kitsap County government story, and like other materials that tell our stories, they need to adhere to County brand standards and be consistent in style, tone, and message.  Data visualization is a technique used to communicate data or other information by converting it into visual objects such as charts, graphs, and maps. This is done by pulling existing data from spreadsheets and IT systems and displayed so that it is easier to understand. It often allows for interaction to drill down and view the data from various perspectives. For example, a map showing active road improvement project for the past five years could have filtering options to view by specific year and/or specific area.  All Data Visuals will use the approved technology and be reviewed and approved by the Public Communications Office and IS.  County staff may request a Data Visual for publication purposes by submitting a Service Request through the MyHelpdesk application.

Click one of the links below to open an interactive dashboard.  

Here are some highlights of how you can explore this information:

  • Click in any chart area, or map area to filter all the results. 
  • Click again to remove filter.
  • When you filter one chart it may filter all the graphics on the page. 
  • Right Click a single column to drill down to quarter, month, or day.
  • Click the up arrow in the top left corner of the chart to navigate back to the view by year option



Kitsap County ​Budget Budget
An economical and prudent financial plan developed in conjunction with a six-year forecast in order to facilitate decisions that work today as well as in the future.
Building and Site Development Review​ Building and Site Development Review​
Department of Community Developments building and site development permitting statistics.


Single Family Residence Sales Single Family Residence Sales
Current and historical data on single family residential sales in Kitsap County.


Real Property Tax Distribution at Kitsap County General Tax Distribution
Real Property Tax Distribution at Kitsap County