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Kitsap County Juvenile Services and Peninsula Community Health Services Team Up on New Initiative5/21/2024

Clifton Clinic Offers Comprehensive Care for Detained Youth

Port Orchard, Wash, - Kitsap County Juvenile Services in partnership with Peninsula Community Health Services is proud to announce a pioneering initiative aimed at addressing the holistic health needs of youth in the juvenile justice system.

The Kitsap County Juvenile Detention Facility is a secure facility providing care and control for young offenders awaiting trial or who have been sentenced for up to thirty days. The facility provides detained youth with all basic needs, including healthy meals and exercise, physical education, and academics provided by licensed teachers.

In recent years, the County has seen a dramatic decline in the number of youths requiring detention, which created a unique opportunity. As the number of open, unused sleeping rooms increased, there was a desire to fill the space with something that could address rehabilitation and enrich the lives of youth and their families. That's when a unique partnership with PCHS was born.

The Clifton Clinic, located on the campus of the Juvenile Detention Facility, ensures that patients receive comprehensive care tailored to meet their individual needs. The clinic is staffed with a dedicated team of healthcare professionals and offers integrated behavioral health services, which provides a deeper level of support. Services include depression and anxiety counseling, substance use disorder treatment, adult medication-assisted treatment for addiction, and behavioral health medication consultations, along with all other primary care medical services.

"Our integrated approach to healthcare ensures that the physical and mental well-being of every individual is prioritized," said Jennifer Kreidler-Moss, chief executive officer of Peninsula Community Health Services. "By collaborating with the Juvenile Detention Facility, we aim to provide comprehensive care to justice-affiliated individuals in need, fostering a path towards rehabilitation and a healthier future."

The Juvenile Detention Facility is dedicated to preparing its young residents for a better future through a range of services, including coordination of service courses, diversion agreements, and specialized courts such as Juvenile Drug Court and Individualized Treatment Court.

"We believe in serving the needs of children, both inside and outside the detention center," said Michael Merringer, director of Kitsap County Juvenile Services. "Our partnership with Clifton Clinic allows us to address the physical and mental health needs of our residents, laying the foundation for successful reintegration into society."

The Juvenile Detention Facility accepts young offenders, under the age of 18, who are charged with misdemeanors or felonies.

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