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Health District issues shellfish harvesting advisory9/7/2023

Shellfish harvesting closed for eastern shoreline of Kitsap County, including Bainbridge Island

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Sept. 6, 2023


Shellfish harvesting closed for eastern shoreline of Kitsap County, including Bainbridge and Blake islands

Samples show high levels of marine biotoxin paralytic shellfish poison (PSP). 

CLOSURE AREA: Eastern shoreline of Kitsap County from Foulweather Bluff to the Pierce County line, including all islands, bays and inlets. This includes all shoreline on Bainbridge and Blake islands. Check the state shellfish safety map to view specific locations.

Note: Hood Canal shoreline is not included in this closure. However, a summer vibrio advisory remains in effect for Hood Canal through the end of September. 

All existing shellfish closures remain in effect.  

SPECIES AFFECTED: All recreational shellfish harvesting for all species of clams, oysters, and mussels.

Shrimp and crab are not included in this closure, but crabs should be cleaned prior to cooking, and the “crab butter” should be discarded. 



Anyone planning to harvest or consume local, recreationally-harvested shellfish must first:


1) Check the safety status of shellfish harvesting:

 2) Check the harvest seasons and licensing requirements:

  • Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife website
  • Call 1-866-880-5431 

SYMPTOMS OF PSP:  Early symptoms of PSP include tingling of the lips and tongue, which may begin within minutes of eating toxic shellfish or may take an hour or two to develop. Symptoms may progress to tingling of fingers and toes and then loss of control of arms and legs, followed by difficulty in breathing. Some people feel nauseous or experience a sense of floating. If a person consumes enough toxin, muscles of the chest and abdomen become paralyzed, including muscles used for breathing, and the victim can suffocate. Death from PSP has occurred in less than 30 minutes.



Preliminary test results for samples collected this week from several points on the eastern shoreline of Kitsap County indicated extreme high levels of PSP. Final results are not yet available. 

Warning signs will be posted at public beaches alerting people not to collect shellfish from the closure areas. 


Tad Sooter | Public Information Officer
Kitsap Public Health District
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