Kingston Regional Stormwater Plan

Photo of Kingston waterfront

The proposed Kingston Regional Stormwater Facility will serve the central Kingston urban growth area (UGA) and treat stormwater runoff from multiple projects and/or properties through a Kitsap County-sponsored program.

Traditionally, on-site structural stormwater controls like vaults, ponds, and swales are constructed for each individual development and the developer must finance the design and construction of these controls. On commercial sites, and on some developed residential lots, property owners are also responsible for maintaining these facilities.

Under the regional approach described in this plan, Kitsap County would construct a single regional facility and developers could pay a fee to connect to the facility instead of constructing their own on-site facilities.  

Regional facilities have several advantages compared to traditional on-site controls. These include:

  • Reduced design costs. Design requirements to connect to the regional facility would be shorter, resulting in reduced costs and less permitting time.
  • Reduced construction costs. Construction of a single regional stormwater control facility would be more cost-effective than numerous individual on-site structural controls.
  • Reduced operation and maintenance costs. Rather than multiple owners being responsible for the maintenance of multiple stormwater facilities, it is more cost-effective to maintain a single regional facility.
  • Better performance. Regional stormwater facilities will be operated and maintained by trained County staff, resulting in better treatment and performance.
  • Increased utilization of developable land. Developers would be better able to maximize development area by minimizing the land that would have otherwise been needed for on site stormwater facilities.
  • Increased water quality benefit. Regional facilities treat existing developed areas that were built before water quality and/or quantity were required, as well as provide for future development.
  • Incentivize development. Regional facilities incentivize development by reducing design costs, construction costs, land set-aside requirements and permitting time.
  • More affordable housing. Regional facilities reduce overall residential development project costs, resulting in lower costs to home buyers and potential for more affordable housing opportunities.

The Plan proposes that Kitsap County construct a facility that will be shared by developers who would like to take advantage of these benefits and reduce their on-site stormwater requirements and costs, while optimizing water quality treatment.