Shoulder Vegetation Spraying Schedule-2019

Vegetation Shoulder Spraying (Herbicide control)

Kitsap County Road Maintenance crews will be in the following neighborhoods to apply selective herbicides to control vegetation in the County right of way. Vegetation shoulder spraying occurs from April 1 through June 30 and is weather dependent. To learn when crews will be in your neighborhood, subscribe to the Road Report to receive weekly updates. Click HERE to subscribe.

The selective herbicides used for shoulder spraying are applied at the lowest level possible that controls the vegetation in the right of way as desired.

Tentative Vegetation Shoulder Spraying Schedule

Limits of spraying Tentative dates to apply
​Mullenix Rd; Converse Ave; Lakeway Blvd; Sunnyslope Rd; California Ave; Olalla Valley Rd​April 1-5
​East of N. Banner Rd to Puget Sound, North of Sedgwick Rd to Puget Sound​April 9
​Mile Hill Dr North to Puget Sound, Port Orchard City limits East to Puget Sound​April 10-12
​North of Sedgwick Rd, South of Mile Hill Dr, Locker Rd West to Port Orchard City Limits​April 15-17
​South of Sedgwick Rd, East of Long Lake Rd to Puget Sound, East of Olalla Valley Rd to Puget Sound​April 18-19 and April 22-23
​South of Sedgwick Rd, North of Mullenix Rd, Hwy 16 East to Long Lake Rd​April 24-26
​South of Mullenix Rd to Pierce County Line, Hwy 16 East to Olalla Valley Rd​April 29 - May 1
​North of Lk Flora Rd, West of Glenwood Rd, Southeast of Hwy 3 to Hwy 16​May 2-3
​South of Lk Flora Rd to Pierce County Line, Southeast of Hwy 3 to Glenwood Rd​May 6-8
​West of Hwy 16 to Glenwood Rd, Intersection of Sedgwick Rd and Hwy 16 South to Pierce County Line​May 9-10 and May 13-14