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Agents of Discovery is in Kitsap County!

Kitsap County families can now play Agents of Discovery! Kitsap County Public Works - Stormwater Division is excited to bring this fun and educational game to your list of family activities!

Come explore the great outdoors through the Agents of Discovery mobile game. Agents of Discovery is a free, educational app that gets you outside and engaged in the world around you. A cartoon great blue heron wearing a yellow safety vest, blue baseball cap and holding a water bottle.

With Kitsap's game, you become top-secret Agent Great Blue Heron. After you find one of our missions in the app, you must solve several Challenges. Challenges (or questions) are geo-triggered as players walk the trail. You can solve the challenges by seeking out augmented reality clues along the trail. 

Once you complete the Mission, you can earn a prize.

Current Missions:

Discover Clear Creek - Our flagship Mission! Walk the Clear Creek Floodplain and explore water, wildlife and wonder. Start your adventure at the Silverdale Rotary Gateway Park at 11501 Silverdale Way NW, Silverdale.

Salmon at Chico Salmon Park - Learn new and exciting facts about salmon! You might even see some salmon spawning. This Mission is live until December 11, 2023. Start your adventure at 3121 Chico Way NW, Bremerton.

To get started:

  1. Download the free Agents of Discovery app on your mobile device at Google Play or the App Store
  2. Search for the 'Discover Clear Creek' or 'Salmon at Chico Salmon Park' Mission.*
  3. Use your secret agent skills to complete the challenges for a prize!
*You can download the Mission ahead of time at home. No data or WiFi is required to play a Mission once it has been downloaded.

Accessibility Tips

There is an easy way for players with reading disabilities or visual impairments to enjoy the Mission.

  1. Download the app and the Mission you want to play while you are at home or anywhere with WiFi. Then, you will not need to use any data.
  2. You can turn on the text-to-speech feature by going into Settings on the app. There is a Play/Stop button which will appear on the corner of every diaglog box which will allow you to mute the audio if needed.
  3. This same Settings screen allows you to change the unit of measure and turn on the power saver mode.
  4. Use the Diagnostics button on the Settings screen to confirm whether or not your phone supports components of the game or are disabled.
  5. Para espaƱol, en 'Settings' puedes cambiar su idioma.