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What is the Cable Franchise Authority?

As a cable customer in unincorporated Kitsap County, we can assist you in resolving billing or service disputes you may have with the cable company. Please contact us if you have an issue that you have been unable to resolve directly with your cable company.

The Cable Franchise Authority can also answer all questions you may have regarding the Franchise Agreement that Kitsap County has with your cable company. These questions may include issues regarding programming, customer service, installation practices, and qualifying for a senior or disabled discount.  This Authority accommodates citizens with service in unincorporated areas of Kitsap County.  Each City has a cable contact for citizens with service within that city.

Franchise Agreements

Kitsap County has signed franchise agreements with two cable companies – Comcast and Wave Broadband – regarding their use of the County's Rights-of-Way to provide cable television service to customers in unincorporated areas.  Cable companies using public property to build and operate their businesses must receive a cable services franchise agreement which includes certain public benefit obligations, safeguards and requirements.   

Current Comcast Cable Franchise Agreement
This agreement was signed in 2012 and expires in May 2021

Current Wave Cable Franchise Agreement
This agreement was signed in 2011 and expires in January 2020

Consumer Protection

Our office strives to ensure the local cable companies comply with cable customer service standards and franchise requirements at all times.  Each cable franchise renewal process has included significant updates to the customer service standards requirements within the new agreement.

Important Links

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Comcast Customer Service

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Bremerton Kitsap Access Television (BKAT)
BKAT is a Public Education and Government (PEG) Access television station airing programming on Comcast Channel 12 and WAVE Broadband channel 3.  

WATOA -Washington Association of Telecommunications Officers & Advisors

Kitsap County is a member of WOTOA.  WATOA is a professional organization of individuals and organizations serving citizens in the development, regulation, and administration of cable television and other telecommunication systems.

NATOA – National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors

Founded in 1980, NATOA offers a wide range of advocacy services to individual and agency members representing cities, towns, counties and commissions across the country.  NATOA actively analyzes and addresses emerging issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Check the FAQs to learn about PEG fees, franchise fees and other common questions about cable service.

        About Us

Kitsap County's role as the Cable Franchise Authority as established in 2008 to negotiate, monitor, and enforce the rules set forth in the cable television franchises agreements with the cable TV companies operating in unincorporated Kitsap County. Kitsap County collects a franchise fee of 5% of gross revenues from the cable companies for their use of the County's rights-of-way. In 2019, $1.9 million in franchise fees were collected and deposited into the County's General Fund.

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