Criminal History Records, or background checks
These consist of fingerprint-based records and disposition information submitted by law enforcement agencies and courts throughout Washington.  These records are maintained by the Washington State Patrol (WSP); you may request a person’s criminal history by visiting WSP website at:


Official Juvenile Court File Records
Are court orders maintained by the Clerk of each Court.  You may request copies, certified copies, and/or view public case records by visiting the Kitsap County Clerk website at:


Diversion Records and Social Files 
These are maintained by the Juvenile Department and are confidential.  No information can be given about the existence or nonexistence of records concerning an individual.  Kitsap County Juvenile and Family Court Services may not release records to you unless allowed under 13.50.050.    

RCW 13.50.050 
(3) All records other than the official juvenile court file are confidential and may be released only as provided in this chapter, RCW 13.40.215 and 4.24.550. 


Sealing Records
If you are interested in sealing your juvenile record, you can find more information about that process by visiting our site here:


Administrative Business Records GR31.1
If you are looking for business records related to Juvenile Court Administration, please view our policy and instructions on how to make your request here: