Mail Policy

All outgoing/incoming mail must go through the United States Postal Service (USPS). Letters shall not be passed during visitation.

Incoming Mail
All youth in the Kitsap County Juvenile Detention Facility (KCJDF) may receive incoming mail, if, they are staying within the facility.  Please address mail to:                                                

Recipients' Name
1338 SW Old Clifton Rd
Port Orchard, WA 98367 

Please know that incoming mail is scanned by an x-ray machine prior to being routed to Detention. Also, incoming and outgoing mail is scanned for contraband, prohibited content, and potential violations of no contact orders. All letters are scanned for content looking for words relating to violence, escape, drugs, sexual content or other potential threats to the safety of youth, staff, the facility, or the community.

Outgoing Mail
All in custody youth are provided with paper and envelopes to write letters, if, they choose to. Youth are instructed not to seal the envelope, unless mail is being sent to organizations like courts, defense attorneys, juvenile court officials, and persons within the facility grievance process. Designated staff scan letters for contraband or prohibited content. All outgoing mail must utilize the youth's home address as the return address on the envelope. Sanctions for writing a letter that is in violation of our standards; include but may not be limited to, Loss of mail privileges for the day; and, letters that are deemed in violation of the standards, will not be sent.

In custody youth are permitted to write letters daily; however, only one letter per day will be sent via USPS.

In custody youth are not permitted to write or receive notes or letters from other detained youth or
youth who have been in KCJDF.