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Computer and Network Services

The CNS division supports the network infrastructure and communications platforms needed for business operations. We use high-end network equipment, with fail over capabilities, to ensure the network services are available 24 x 7. In the data center, we use high-capacity storage devices to support the enterprise applications with split-second data retrieval. 

Core services:  computers, telephones, voicemail, cell phone and smart phones, network, video conferencing, and public wireless access.

Highlights from Computer and Network Services

Network Performance and Monitoring
We support over 20 remote sites away from the Courthouse campus and monitor network performance indicators, such as bandwidth utilization, packet loss, and latency. The real-time monitoring of the core IT services allows for optimal "up" time.

Virtual is a Reality
Virtual servers create new opportunities for workload efficiency within the data center. A single machine is made to appear as several separate servers through partitioning. The primary advantage is the ability to run multiple operating systems simultaneously in a secure mode. Virtual machines do not take extra power to operate, heat and cool. This strategy helps to eliminate under-used servers, by consolidating the workload on fewer machines, reducing maintenance and administration costs, and in some cases allowing you to eliminate or re-deploy resources. We have found huge cost savings by not having to replace aging hardware, and then not having to dispose of used hardware. Kitsap County has been noted as a leader in the Pacific Northwest for using this technology efficiently.

Video Arraignment
Videoconferencing technology helps local government cut staff time spent in transporting prisoners and reduces security risks in courthouses. The courts use videoconferencing to conduct arraignments, pre-trial interviews and other events without requiring the parties to be at the same location. The Kitsap County Courthouse uses video arraignment between the cities of Port Orchard, Bremerton and Poulsbo.

Multi-Faceted Communications Network
The COPs Grant, a five year regional project, involved all local police and fire agencies, Emergency Management, and the local Indian tribes. The project included purchasing and installing a new fleet of mobile computers and making improvements to network infrastructure for wireless technologies. At the center of this project, was the opposing aspects of inter-operability and security, adding many degrees of complexity. Key aspects of the project included:

• Wireless dispatch using cell phone technology and radio frequency

• Network Interfaces to the secure Inter-Governmental Network

• E-Tickets: paperless ticketing interfaces with state and court offices

• Shared Structural GIS Database: quick and easy access (map based) to information about building structures, fire hydrant locations, Ortho-Photography and hazardous materials locations