Assessor Forms & Publications

Assessor General Forms

Assessment Books

Public Disclosure Request Form




Assessor General Publications

Homeowner's Guide to Property Tax

Overview of the Assessor's Office

Property Class Codes & Definitions



Board of Equalization Appeal Forms

Appeal Form - Assessed Value for Real Property

Appeal Form - Business Personal Property

Appeal Form - Senior/Disabled



Board of Equalization Appeal Publications

Appealing Your Property Assessment to the County BOE - DOR


Business Personal Property Forms

Listing for New Accounts

Listing for Existing Accounts

Business Personal Property Appeal Form



Business Personal Property Publications

2022 Value Guidelines - DOR

2021 Value Guidelines - DOR

Personal Property Tax Brochure - DOR


​Current Use & Forest Forms

Farm & Agriculture Application

Designated Forest Land Application

Notice of Continuance (form 64 0047)

Owners Request to Remove from Designated Forest Land (form 62 0033e)

Owners Request to Remove from Current Use (form 64 0070)

Owners 2 year Withdrawal Notice from Current Use (form 64 0027)



Current Use & Forest Publications

Open Space Assessor Brochure

Farm & Agriculture Assessor Brochure

Designated Forest Land Brochure

Guidelines for Timber Management Plans - DOR


Exemption & Deferral Forms - Senior/Disabled

Exemption Application

Deferral Application

Renewal Application (Exemption only) 

Status Change Form (Exemption only)

Income Worksheet

Proof of Disability Form

Capital Gains Worksheet - Sale of Home

Senior/Disabled Appeal Form



Exemption & Deferral Publications - Senior/Disabled

Senior/Disabled Exemption Brochure - DOR

Senior/Disabled Deferral Brochure - DOR



Exemption & Deferral Forms

Destroyed Property Application

Limited Income Deferral Application

Residential Improvement Exemption Application



Exemption & Deferral Publications

Limited Income Deferral Brochure - DOR

Non Profit Organizations Brochure - DOR

Residential Improvement Exemption Assessor Brochure

Land Segregation & Combination Forms

Mobile Home Half Sheet

Combination Request

Segregation Request


Land Segregation & Combination Publications 

Boundary Line Adjustment Overview/Directions

Explanation of Tax Account Numbers

Personal Property Forms

Boathouse Sales/Change of Address Form 


Personal Property Publications

Boathouse Appraisal

Tax District Forms

Ordinance/Resolution Form

Levy Certification Form

Election Results Form


​Misc Forms/Publications

DNR Wildfire Assessments Brochure