Senior and Disabled Exemption Changes 2020


New legislation has passed changing the income threshold for Kitsap County to $48,574 beginning in 2020

The Washington State Legislature has made major changes to the property tax exemption program beginning in 2020.  The income limits will now be indexed at 65% of the median household income for Kitsap County.  The new income threshold will be $48,574.  The exemption category breakdown is as follows:

Category2019 Income Threshold2020 Income Threshold
A0 – 30,0000 – 33,628
B30,001 – 35,00033,629 – 41,101
C35,001 – 40,00041,102 – 48,574

If you are already on the exemption program and the threshold changes now place you into a new income category, we will make the change for you.  As always, if you anticipate a change in your income that could result in a category change, please contact our office.

Other important changes that could impact your eligibility:

  1. Occupancy of Primary Residence: You must now occupy your primary residence for more than SIX months of the calendar year to continue your exemption. 
  2. Living with a Relative for the Purpose of Long-Term Care: Applicants can now reside with a relative, for the purpose of long-term care, and still retain the exemption on their primary residence.
  3. Veteran's Service-Connected Disability:  The disability rating required for disabled veterans is being reduced from 100% to 80%.

Understanding ESSB5160 - Senior Citizen & Disabled Persons Exemption & Deferral Program Changes

2019 Legislature passed Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5160 which implements many changes to the existing Senior Citizen & Disabled Persons Exemption & Deferral Programs.  In this tutorial, we will identify the changes that will impact Kitsap County Homeowners beginning in 2020.


Bremerton-Kitsap Access Television - Senior Citizen & Disabled Person Exemption Program Changes

Please enjoy this short video produced by BKAT regarding the upcoming changes to our Senior Citizen & Disabled Persons Exemption Program.

Senior Citizen & Disabled Persons Property Tax Exemption Changes (time 1:32)

 Helpful links

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More seniors, disabled may qualify for property tax exemptions - courtesy of the Kitsap Sun