Public Records

We, in the Assessor's Office, welcome all requests for records.

Most of our records are already available on-line on our parcel search.  Including detailed assessor data, value history, tax descriptions, building data and sales history.  We also have downloadable data available in ASCII, tab-delimited format.  This data is updated weekly.  We do not provide customized reports. 

If your request may involve multiple county departments or you are unable to find the records that you need online, please contact the County Public Records Office.

Most of the records of the Assessor's Office are public records.  To protect the privacy of taxpayers, however, state law specifies that the following information in our records is exempt from public disclosure:

*Confidential income data obtained by the Assessor in connection with real property assessment.   - RCW 84.40.020

*Confidential income data obtained by the Assessor in connection with the senior citizen's or disabled person's property tax exemption application. - RCW 84.36.389

*Information obtained by the Assessor in verifying personal property taxpayer's list, statement or schedule. - RCW 84.40.340

*Other information required of taxpayer in connection with tax assessment or collection IF disclosure would violate taxpayer's right to privacy or result in unfair competitive disadvantage to the taxpayer. - RCW 42.56.230

Public Records Officers for the Assessor's Office:  Shannon Lewis & Maxine Schoales

Kitsap County Assessor's Office
614 Division Street MS-22
Port Orchard, WA 98366
Fax: 360.337.4874