Change of Address (Mailing or Situs)


Addresses are updated by the Treasurer's office and the Building Department. 

The first step is to determine which address needs to be changed.


  • If your MAILING ADDRESS needs to be updated, the Treasurer's office maintains the taxpayer contact information for all tax related documents in Kitsap County. 

***Click here to update your mailing address.***


  • If your SITUS ADDRESS (the actual physical address of the property) needs to be updated, you will need to contact the jurisdiction you are located in.  See contact information below:    


Within the City of Bainbridge Island – Contact the Bainbridge Island Fire Department by phone at 206.451.2033 or by e-mail.

Within the City of Bremerton – Contact the City of Bremerton by phone at 360.473.5930 or by e-mail.

Within the City of Port Orchard – Contact the City of Port Orchard by phone at 360.874.5533 or by e-mail.

Within the City of Poulsbo – Contact the City of Poulsbo by phone at 360.394.9733 or by e-mail.


Within un-incorporated Kitsap County - Contact the Department of Community Development by phone at 360.337.5777,  via e-mail, or mail to MS-11