Kitsap County Judges and staff are not allowed to provide legal advice.  Please consult the court rules for information.  Kitsap County Judges may not receive ex parte communications in person, by phone or email.  

All persons, including pro se litigants, bringing matters before the court should be familiar with the Kitsap County Local Court Rules.  There is also a printed copy of the Kitsap County Local Court Rules available for review at the Superior Court Administration Office, Room 210, at the Courthouse, 614 Division St., Port Orchard, Washington. 

Bench Copies 

Counsel, or parties appearing without counsel, shall be responsible for filing of bench copies.  Bench copies are mandatory for all hearings for which pleadings have been filed.  Bench copies must be provided to Room 210 (Superior Court Administration).  Please see the local court rules regarding confirmations.

Bench copies MUST be clearly marked with:

Date and time of trial or hearing date

Judge Assigned or Calendar Name for the hearing

A stamp is available at the Superior Court Administration Office reception desk.

All bench copies must include the correct case number.  Bench copies that do not include the information listed above may not be considered by the judge or court commissioner. 

Mandatory Confirmations

All settlement conferences, support modification hearings, adoption hearing, and motions/hearings noted for court calendars must be confirmed.  Click here for more information regarding mandatory confirmations.