Family Support

The Family Support Division is responsible for establishing and enforcing child support obligations within the county. In cooperation with the state Division of Child Support (DCS), we accept referrals for the establishment of paternity and we review and modify support orders meeting state criteria. The division also enforces support obligations through civil contempt proceedings and appears in privately filed domestic relations cases to address the state’s financial interest when public assistance has been paid on behalf of a child. Four attorneys and nine staff members make up the Family Support Division.

The Family Support Division uses a streamlined caseload referral procedure for its support modification cases to eliminate preliminary review at the agency level and to speed up the process of obtaining new orders for those requesting state services in modifying their child support obligation. We also collaborate with DCS to emphasize and attain “right-sized orders” that fit a parent’s true financial circumstances.

Because of the broad and over-lapping range of issues that can arise in the context of family support proceedings, members of the Family Support Division frequently participate in a variety of social and educational endeavors affecting families in the community. The division interacts with a cross section of the community in areas such as domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, employment, health and poverty reduction. We believe these factors have a correlation with family stability, crime prevention, and overall community health.   

The regular and reliable receipt of child support is an important component in the effort to reduce poverty, move families toward self-sufficiency, and alleviate the taxpayer burden. We continue to work with DCS to discover ways to improve child support participation rates and explore strategies that emphasize the regularity of child support payments while recognizing that parents have other legal obligations. Because court time and resources are limited, our goal is to achieve results that are worthy of the resources expended.

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