Community Investments in Affordable Housing (CIAH)

 Program Overview

​The 1/10th of 1% Sales Tax for Affordable Housing/Community Investments in Affordable Housing (CIAH) program was created to support low-income families and/or households in need of supportive housing, shelter, and behavioral health services in Kitsap County. CIAH is funded through two sales and use tax sources Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 82.14.530 and RCW 82.14.540 collected from eligible purchases throughout Kitsap County, outside of Poulsbo and Bainbridge Island, with a combined annual estimate of $5.5 million.

 Eligible Activities

CIAH provides funding for a variety of affordable housing and behavioral health services. 60% of funds must go to the following*:
  • · Construction of affordable housing
  • · Purchase of units within an existing structure, making them affordable
  • · Facilities providing housing related services
  • · Purchase of land to build affordable housing or facilities providing housing or behavioral health related services
  • · Operations and maintenance for new affordable housing units
  • · Operations and maintenance for facilities where housing related programs are provided
  • · Operations and maintenance of evaluation and treatment centers

Up to 40% of the funding is designated for:

  • · Services in behavioral health treatment programs or housing support centers 
*Funds accrued from the 0.0146 percent sales and use tax may fund rental assistance programs, while the 0.01 percent sales and use tax funding cannot. 

 Coordinated Grant Funding

CIAH funding will be combined with additional County resources to address housing, shelter, and services. Leveraging local funds and collaborations to simplify the burden on applicants, is known as the Coordinated Grant Application Process. CIAH funding will be made available through an annual Request For Proposals (RFP) alongside other County funds addressing similar issues. Please see the Coordinated Grant Application Process website for more information on the process. 

Applications submitted for CIAH funding will go before the Capital Grant Recommendation Committee (Capital GRC) in August of each year. The GRC is comprised of subject matter experts experienced in affordable housing and/or services, and includes persons with lived experience.
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 Who CIAH Serves

CIAH serves households earning less than 60% of the area median income (AMI).

Family Size   60% AMI

      1           $45,800

      2         $52,300

      3           $58,900

      4           $65,300

The AMI is county-wide, adjusted each year.

Along with income requirements, CIAH serves the following household types:

  • · Persons with behavioral health disabilities

  • · Veterans

  • · Senior citizens

  • · Persons who are homeless or at-risk of being homeless (any household earning less than 30% AMI), including families with children 

  • · Unaccompanied homeless youth or young adults

  • · Persons with disabilities

  • · Domestic violence survivors

Questions about CIAH? Contact Joel Warren, Program Supervisor by email at or call 360.621.1482

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