Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan Archive

Kitsap County is required to adopt and continually review a Comprehensive Plan under the state Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A). Major Comprehensive Plan updates are mandated by the state every 8-years (formerly every 10-years), which require a complete review of the Comprehensive Plan and implementing development regulations and may result in significant changes to the Comprehensive Plan. The last major update of the Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2016. 

This page provides an archive of all the major updates to the Kitsap County Comprehensive Plans since the Growth Management Act was adopted in 1990.  

In-between major updates, through an annual amendment process, the Board of County Commissioners may choose to consider adjustments or additions to the Comprehensive Plan that are consistent with the existing Comprehensive Plan. Annual amendments will be added to this archive soon.

Currently Adopted Comprehensive Plan​ ​

​ ​

2012 Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations Amendments

Kitsap County UGA & Composition Remand

August 2012

2006 Comprehensive Plan

August 2006


1998 Comprehensive Plan

May 7, 1998


A short course on Local Planning - Comprehensive Plan Basics



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Code, Code Updates, and Director's Code Interpretations

​Links to the complete Kitsap County Code, the code update process, and Director's interpretations of the code.

Community Development Maps

Home for all the planning and regulatory maps for Community Development.

Subarea and Community Plans

Subarea plans are a type of long-range planning for a limited geographic area within a community.  Here you will find Subarea plans, Limited Areas of More Intense Rural Development, and Community Plans.

Buildable Land Program and Land Capacity Analysis

The Buildable Lands Report is a "look back' to review consistency between actual and planned densities.  It answers if development is occurring as envisioned by the Comprehensive Plan and if there is sufficient land supply for population and employment growths.