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 Our Goal Is To Keep You Informed

In service to our community members and stakeholders, DCD recently launched this webpage to provide information on current Kitsap County land use and development project applications. While not every Kitsap County development project application will appear here, those with a high degree of community interest and those involving a large number of residents will be listed. Thank you for your patience as we build content on this new page and feature additional development projects.

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DCD's Role

Charged with ensuring adherence to Kitsap County Code while staying in accord with the Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan, DCD is responsible for the review and issuance of permits. We are equally concerned with balancing public interests with permit issuance, as we work hard to ensure residents are informed and given opportunity to be engaged in these processes.  

Community Members

If you are a Kitsap County community member living in a proposed project development area, and if the project requires, you will be notified by DCD when a new project is pending in your neighborhood. Project applications that do not comply with code requirements are not approved. After stringent review and evaluation, projects that are approvable by Kitsap County Code, will be permitted. 

Residents can utilize the project's "Comment Period" or when applicable, the project's "Public Hearing" as avenues to add their voice to the review process. Within these formats, residents are encouraged to identify any concerns and to request reasonable conditions be required in conjunction with the approval of the project. 

Who Do I Talk To?

We invite you to visit this webpage to stay apprised of updates. Additionally, DCD designates a project planner as the primary contact for each development project. We have knowledgeable, caring experts ready to answer your questions and to offer assistance. Please note the respective project's assigned planner, and contact that individual via the contact information provided.

If a project of interest is not listed here, please call Kitsap 1 at 360-337-5777, or email and ask to be connected to the lead planner.

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Current Development Projects
                             Thank you for your patience as we build content on this new page 
                                               and feature additional development projects.
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Port Gamble Redevelopment

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