2010 Title 12 Stormwater

(For a project with approved Land Use that is vested in the 2010 Stormwater Code)
Code Documents and Design Tools

Kitsap County Code - Title 12: Stormwater Management
Stormwater Design Manual
​   Errata: Figure 10-1
​   Errata: Figure 10-2
​   Errata: Figure 10-3
Low Impact Design (LID) Manual
Kitsap County BMP Sizing Tool (MS Excel) and Instructions
Kitsap County Code 12.18.120B: Small Commercial/Industrial Centralized Detention Verification Checklist
Western Washington NPDES Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit​Western Washington NPDES Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit
WWHM2012 Manual

 Questions about the 2010 Title 12 Stormwater Code should be directed to Kitsap County Department of Community Development (360) 337-5777.