KC Storm Water Design Manual


(effective 16 February 2010)​

Chapter/Appendix #​Title​Format​File Size
​Chapter 1Plans & Reports​.pdf​134KB​
​Chapter 2Construction Storm Water Pollution Prevention​.pdf52KB​
​Appendix 2ASWPPP Best Management Practices​.pdf3.25MB​
​Chapter 3Source Control of Pollution​.pdf​337KB
Chapter 4Conveyance System Analysis & Design​.pdf201KB​
Chapter 5On-Site Storm Water Management​.pdf​36KB
Appendix 5A​Recharge Module Instructions​​.pdf392KB​
WWHM Recharge Manual​.html​12.4KB
WWHM Recharge Module Maps​.html​12.4KB
​​Chapter 6Water Quality​.pdf​326KB​
​Appendix 6ASoil Types​.pdf​​50KB
​Appendix 6BWSDOT Media Filter Drain​​.pdf​199KB
​Appendix 6CGeotextile Specifications.pdf​26KB​
Chapter 7Flow Control​.pdf​​223KB
Chapter 8Wetland Protection​​.pdf13KB​
Chapter 9Maintenance​.pdf​28KB​
​Appendix 9AMaintenance Schedules ​​.pdf​1.57MB
Chapter 10Critical Drainage Areas.pdf​28KB​
Chapter 11Grading​.pdf​46KB
Figures & Tables​.pdf​9.3MB
Low Impact Development (LID) Manual - June 2009​.pdf​9.46MB
​Soil Amendment Guidelines​.pdf​2.44MB

Questions about the manual, engineering requirements or developing property within Kitsap County should be directed to Kitsap County Department of Community Development (360) 337-5777.