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​The Commissioners serve on over 20 local, state, and regional boards, councils and committees. Participation on these is dictated by statute. Each organizations has its own regular meetings with agendas and meeting materials that require review and analysis by Commissioners.



Board Member

Kitsap 911

All Commissioners

Executive BoardSheriff John Gese
Kitsap 911 is responsible for answering 911 calls in Kitsap County then providing dispatch service for the appropriate organization (fire department, police department, etc.). It is governed by 13 elected officials representing Kitsap County, the cities of Bainbridge Island, Bremerton, Port Orchard, and Poulsbo, and the Kitsap County Fire Commissioners Association. ​

Elections Canvassing Board

Charlotte Garrido

The Kitsap Elections Canvassing Board is a public entity that conducts a formal assessment ("canvass") of an election. The assessment includes reviewing vote totals, determining validity of challenged ballots, certifying the vote (RCW 29A.60.190) and administering any recount. ​

Hood Canal Coordinating Council

Katie Walters (alt. Kirvie Mesebeluu-Yobech)

The HCCC, governed by commissioners from Kitsap, Jefferson, and Mason counties plus Skokomish and S'Klallam tribal representatives, coordinates the various environmental efforts surrounding Hood Canal. ​

Housing Kitsap

All Commissioners

Housing Kitsap fosters healthy housing communities by building and preserving safe, decent and affordable housing for clients, while ensuring fiscal integrity in all programs it administers. Subcommittee structure/name change in 2015. ​

Kitsap County Emergency Management Council


The Kitsap County Emergency Management Council is a governing body in the Kitsap County Department of Emergency Management, responsible for preparing for, responding to, recovery from and mitigation of emergencies in Kitsap County. ​

Kitsap County Finance Policy Committee

Charlotte Garrido

The Kitsap County Finance Policy Committee is responsible for conducting research, holding public hearings and making decisions surrounding financial policy in the county and consists of the County Auditor, Treasurer, Administrator and Budget Director. ​

Kitsap Economic Development Alliance (KEDA) Executive Board

Katie Walters

KEDA's goal is to attract and retain jobs and investments in Kitsap County that generate wealth, enhances the quality of life and embraces future generations. ​

Kitsap Public Health District

All Commissioners

Finance & OperationsChristine Rolfes
Policy Christine Rolfes
PersonnelChristine Rolfes
Kitsap Public Health District is headed by a seven-member board and provides health-related services to Kitsap County, ensuring food safety standards, water quality, waste management and also handles birth and death certificates and limited medical care services. ​

Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council (KRCC)

All Commissioners

Executive BoardKatie Walters(alt. Charlotte Garrido) 
Transpol BoardChristine Rolfes(alt. Charlotte Garrido) 
​PlanpolCharlotte Garrido (alt. Katie Walters) 
KRCC, governed by a 15-member board comprised of elected officials and tribal leaders, is responsible for distributing state and federal grant funds; additionally, it advocates for the county at the state level and coordinates countywide programs and policies. ​

Kitsap Transit

All Commissioners

Kitsap Transit, governed by a ten-member board comprised of nine elected officials, is responsible for operating public transportation in Kitsap County. It also administers the Commute Trip Reduction programs. ​

Law Enforcements Officers and Firefighters' Disability Board (LEOFF)

Katie Walters

The LEOFF board, governed by four members, acts upon claims for disability, either approving or disapproving them in compliance with the provisions of RCW 41.26 (Law enforcement officers' and firefighters' retirement system). This provision provides for the payment of death, disability and retirement benefits to law enforcement officers, fire fighters or their beneficiaries. ​

Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

Phil Cook

The committee is made up of a commissioner and representatives of those who will pay lodging taxes and those eligible to receive lodging tax
funding. It advises and makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on how best to distribute lodging tax revenue. ​

Olympic Consortium Board

Charlotte Garrido, Chair (alt. Katie Walters)

The Consortium, which serves Clallam, Jefferson and Kitsap counties, and governed by commissioners from all three counties, plans, establishes and operates a comprehensive employment and training system for unemployed and economically disadvantaged individuals. ​

Peninsula Regional Transportation Planning Organization

Christine Rolfes (alt. Andy Nelson and David Forte)

​PRTPO is a voluntary association of cities, towns, counties, ports, tribes, transit agencies and major employers that work together to develop transportation plans designed to meet the region's future economic and population growth. ​

Salish Behavioral Health Organization (SBHO)

Christine Rolfes (alt. Katie Walters)

The SBHO, under the state Community Mental Health Act, is directed to plan, establish, and operate a comprehensive community mental health system within the three-county (Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap) area. ​

Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

Katie Walters                  

The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency works to protect public health, improve neighborhood air quality and reduce greenhouse gases to preserve our climate by adopting and enforcing air-quality regulations, sponsoring voluntary initiatives, and educating people and businesses. ​

Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC)

One Commissioner for each Board

Executive BoardCharlotte Garrido
Transportation Policy BoardChristine Rolfes
Growth Management Policy BoardKatie Walters
Economic Development DistrictCharlotte Garrido
PSRC works with local government, business and citizens to build a common vision for the region's future. PSRC's mission is to ensure a thriving central Puget Sound now and into the future through planning for regional transportation and growth. Consists of representatives from King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap counties, cities and towns, ports, tribes, transit agencies, and the state. ​

Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC)

All Commissioners

Board of DirectorsKatie Walters, Kitsap rep
Legislative Steering CommitteeChristine Rolfes (alt. Katie Walters)
Coastal Counties CaucusCharlotte Garrido (alt. Christine Rolfes)
Timber Counties Caucus
Christine Rolfes
The Association provides a variety of services to its member counties including advocacy, training and workshops, a worker's compensation retrospective rating pool and a forum to network and share best practices. ​

West Sound Partners for Ecosystem Recovery (WSPER)

Charlotte Garrido (alt.Kirvie Mesebeluu-Yobech)

One of 10 local watershed-based groups that help set priorities for local programs and projects. ​
​Updated 6/30/2023