Mobile Homes

To transfer the title of a mobile home either an excise tax or a sales tax is paid along with all appropriate property taxes. When a mobile home is sold in place and is not moving, an excise tax is paid. A copy of the Mobile Home Excise Tax Affidavit, stamped by the County Treasurer, shall be evidence that taxes have been satisfied. (Please see the REET page for more details.) When a mobile home is sold with the intent to move it, a sales tax is paid. A copy of a Move Permit stating taxes are satisfied shall be evidence that property taxes have been paid. A building permit must be secured prior to moving the mobile or manufactured home within the County. This is a requirement for all mobile homes and manufactured homes, even if the location is within a mobile home park.

Please contact the Kitsap County Department of Community Development at 360.337.5777 or the appropriate department in the city you wish to place the home regarding building permit questions.



A Move Permit must be obtained from the Treasurer's office no more than 15 days prior to actually moving the manufactured home, this certificate must be on the mover's equipment during the actual movement. Move permit applications are available at the Treasurer's office or here. There is no charge for a move permit. According to state law, RCW 46.44.170, the property taxes for the manufactured home must be paid in full for the current year at the time of obtaining the Move Permit if the move is within the county. You will need to provide the parcel number the home is moving to along with the building permit number. If the home is moving out of county advance taxes for the next year will be paid as well as current year taxes. You will not need to provide the parcel number the home is moving to or a building permit number. Move decals must show the make, size, year, and serial number of the home and name of the transporter and their WUTC (CC) and DOT numbers. These numbers are provided to you by your mover.

Types of Moves:

Unit moving within county, to tribal land, out of state, to storage facility, or dealer's lot for consignment:

Step 1: Department of Community Development (contact the appropriate city if the property is within city limits)
    -Obtain a building permit (no permit is required for storage or dealer's lot)
Step 2: Treasurer's Office
    -Complete Move Permit
    -All property taxes must be paid in full
Step 3: Licensing Office
    -Mobile Home title
    -Sales tax must be paid
    -All other appropriate documentation to complete transfer

 Unit moving out of county, to be destroyed, or to dealer’s lot as trade-in or purchase:

Step 1: Treasurer’s office
    -Complete Move Permit
    -All property taxes paid in full, including advance tax
Step 2: Licensing Office
    -Mobile Home title
    -Sales tax must be paid
    -All other documentation to complete transfer


Additional Info:


Mobiles moving to Tribal Land and purchased by a Tribal Member:

  • The tax account number (APN) for the reservation will need to be provided

  • Two copies of affidavit for excise tax exemption for enrolled tribal member living on reservation OR valid enrollment card is needed

Mobiles manufactured prior to 1976:

  • Contact Washington State Labor & Industries at 360.308.2800.

  • The L&I alteration permit number and HUD number of the mobile home must be listed on the move permit

  • Do not contact L&I if home is moving to tribal land and owned by tribal member

Senior and Disability Exemptions:

  • If ownership is not being transferred and home is moving within state, exempted amount of taxes are collected for the current year

  • You must re-apply for exemption in the new county to transfer  your exemption

Move Permit Application

 Title Transfer

After obtaining the Move Permit you will need to go to the Kitsap County Auditor's licensing division or another vehicle licensing office to transfer the title.

You will be required to submit a copy of the move permit to provide proof that the property taxes were collected. The vehicle licensing agency is also required to collect state sales tax and a title transfer fee if the mobile home is being transferred to a new owner.

In order to complete the transfer of the mobile home you will need the title to the mobile home. If you are trying to transfer a mobile home and do not have the title you will need to provide vehicle licensing agency with the serial number of the mobile home along with a Bill of Sale. If you cannot locate the serial number the department of licensing can assist you in locating it.

For further information on transferring titles, please contact the Kitsap County Auditor's Office Licensing Division at 360.337.4440 or

 Mobile Being Destroyed

​Demolition of a mobile or manufactured home requires a demolition permit from Kitsap County Department of Community Development. Before getting started locate the year, make, model and VIN of the mobile or manufactured home you wish to demolish. This information can be found on the Title or sometimes on the metal ID tag on the frame of the mobile or manufactured home.

Step 1: Contact Department of Community Development (DCD) for a demolition permit application

Step 2: Go to Kitsap County Treasurer’s Office to pay taxes in full for year and obtain a Treasurer's Tax Certification (half-sheet)

Step 3: Notify Kitsap County Assessor of the destruction

Step 4: Notify Department of Licensing of the destruction