Howe Farm Park

1901 Long Lake Road SE, Port Orchard WA 98366

Size: 83 Acres

Region: South District

Features: Historic farm, walking trails, off-leash dog area, restrooms and parking lot

Park Rules & FAQs

November 2016 - Landscape Enhancement
Howe Farm Barn
Howe Farm Barn After

Stormwater Pond fencing is complete, thanks to Public Works. Native vegetation (rose, berries, etc.) are being planted this week, along the outside edge of the fence line. This vegetative border/barrier addition will protect the pond from visitors and dog intrusions, and will add colorful native landscaping.

April 2016 - De-Construction and Restoration
On the 83-acre Howe Farm Park, much of the look and feel of the historic McPherson and Howe family farmsteads remains. The physical evidence of the early farming operation which had sheep, cows, chickens, hay fields, vegetable gardens, a woodlot, and a fruit orchard, can still be observed, especially with the formidable family-built barn still structurally intact. However, over time the 1920’s era West barn and the 1946 East barn, had begun to deteriorate with age and weathering. The County has restored both of the barns to a stable and useable condition, and looks to re-envision the farm as a living example of our local farming past.

De-construction and restoration began in November, 2015 on the West barn, originally built by the McPherson family. The West Barn was built on a downslope leading to serious drainage and rot problems causing the roof to fail. Restoration required new concrete basement walls, new post and beam structural supports, new flooring, a new barn door, and a new roof. Parks has also improved the farm roads to the barn and is adding an accessible entry ramp on the west entrance. Original siding was salvaged and integrated with replacement siding that had been stained to match the aged-wood exterior.

Additional work was required on the East barn, constructed by the Howe family. Areas of construction included replacement of the interior stairs, new post and beams to support the expansive hay loft floor, replacing damaged windows and installing gutters, drainpipes and perimeter drain gravel to improve drainage. The exterior of the East Barn will be white-washed to preserve the wood and restore the 1946 appearance.

Howe Farm Before
Summer 1915
Howe Farm Barn After
Re-Construction in Progress
(April 12, 2016)

Take Hwy 16 to Sedgwick. Travel east on Sedgwick about three miles to Long Lake Road. Howe Farm is located on Long Lake Road between Mile Hill Drive and Sedgwick. 

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