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1/10 of 1% Sales Tax Program to Fund Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Therapeutic Court Programs and Services

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The Coordinated Grant's Team for Kitsap County is finalizing schedules and announcements for the 2025 grant cycle, with applications opening this summer 2024. Please subscribe to the electronic notification system through the link on this page, to receive updates as they become available. 


The Kitsap County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution approving 2024 funding recommendations totaling $7.2 million, presented by the Mental Health, Chemical Dependency and Therapeutic Court Community Advisory Committee, at the Commissioners’ regular business meeting Nov. 13. Funds generated from the 1/10th of 1 percent sales and use tax are designated for mental health, chemical dependency and therapeutic court services in Kitsap County.
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Strategic Plan Update: 

The Treatment Sales Tax was adopted in 2013 by the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners. In collaboration with community leaders, qualified subject matter experts and Kitsap County's Human Services Department, a six-year strategic plan for behavioral health services was developed. 

The plan must be revised every six-years and reviewed every three-years to keep the goals aligned with the current needs of the community.

December 2020 marked six-years of service delivery, funded by the tax.  The Behavioral Health Strategic Planning Team reconvened in the Fall of 2020 to update the plan.  

The development of the revised plan took four months. Professional facilitators conducted oversight of the sub-committee meetings. The team identified gaps in services, objectives and strategies. 

The goals were divided between the knowledgeable group, to review with extreme scrutiny; local and state statistical data, community input of 180 completed 25-page surveys, and collaboration with field certified professionals to develop the most comprehensive plan that supports the needs of this community with critical services.

​1/10th of 1% Sales and Use Tax Grant Program

Ordinance 507-2013 authorized a sales tax and use tax to provide for delivery of mental health, substance abuse and therapeutic court programs and services, providing for administration of the tax and adopting a new chapter of Kitsap County Code for implementation.

Once a year, the opportunity is open to Kitsap County businesses, programs and service providers to apply for funding from the 1/10th sales tax. 

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