Recording Requirements

You will find all the required* specifications to ensure that you experience a smooth and easy exchange when you send in your documents. Also view a complete list of document recording fees.

Page Format

Paper size: no smaller than 8.5" x 11", no larger than 8.5" x 14".

Font size: text printed or written in 8-point type or larger.

First page: 3" top margin and 1" margin on all other sides.

Subsequent pages: 1" margin on all sides

Documents that do not meet margin and font size requirements must have a signed "nonstandard" recording cover sheet. Include an additional fee of $50 per RCW 65.04.48.


All document text, seals drawings, signatures, etc. must be legible and capable of producing a readable image.

Document First Page - Information Required

A cover sheet may be used as a first page to list the required information.

Return address: Top left corner within the 3-inch margin.

Document title: Just below the 3-inch margin

Name of grantor(s): First, middle, and last name.

Name of grantee(s): First, middle, and last name.

Reference Auditor's file number(s) (if applicable):

Documents assigned or released

Previously recorded document(s)

Abbreviated legal description of real property (if applicable):

Quarter, quarter, section, township, range; or

Plat name, lot and/or block number; or

Short plat or large lot name or number, lot number and Auditor's file number

Example 1: SP 5423 Lt 4 AFN 200305210153

Example 2: LL 4224 Lt 253 AFN 20030630165

Assessor tax parcel number of real property (if applicable):

Example 1: 4113-004-002-0006

Example 2: 262301-2-039-2009

Listed separately from other text or the legal description

Documents May Not Contain

Staples or tape

Social Security Numbers

Date of birth identified with a particular person

The maiden name of a person's parent that could identify a particular person

*Documents that do not meet these requirements will be returned without being recorded, according to state law under the Revised Code of Washington, RCW 65.04.