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​Voters in portion of Bremerton City Council District 5 to get new ballots


October 28, 2021 

PORT ORCHARD - Kitsap County Elections staff members will be hand delivering new or supplemental ballots Thursday to 183 Bremerton households who received ballots with the incorrect city council race.

A portion of Bremerton City Council District 5 was moved into another precinct earlier this year to comply with state law and precinct sizes.

When those households were moved, they were also mistakenly placed in a new council district, Council District 6. Those voters should have remained in Council District 5.

"It's our mistake and we will get voters their correct ballots, including supplemental ballots to voters who already turned their ballots in. We will also take steps to prevent this in the future," said Paul Andrews, Kitsap County Auditor.

Several elections staff members will be delivering replacement ballots by hand on Thursday. Voters affected by the mistake may also visit a Kitsap Vote Center Saturday, Monday and Tuesday to make sure they have what they need. The closest vote center to the Bremerton neighborhood is at the Marvin Williams Recreation Center, 725 Park Avenue.

Candidates in both races were contacted Wednesday evening by Andrews.