Wastewater Infrastructure Taskforce (WIT)

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Overview & Scope

Kitsap County established a Wastewater Infrastructure Taskforce (WIT) to discuss the planning, funding and construction of sewer infrastructure within the urban growth areas (UGAs), as well as prepare policy recommendations and technical documents for implementation. The project may yield the following near and long-term products:

  • Accurate data for sewer service areas and the capacity and location of existing sewer infrastructure within all UGAs (invalid UGAs first).
  • Appropriate capacity and location of future sewer conveyance infrastructure within all UGAs (invalid UGAs first).
  • A process or organization to ensure the consolidation and maintenance of the sewer infrastructure inventory.
    An inventory and mapping of areas of high septic failures within historic developments.
  • A review of alternative sewer technologies, their potential applicability in Kitsap County and conceptual locations within UGAs.
  • A phasing plan and timeline for focusing public investment within all UGAs.
  • A review of existing funding sources for sewer infrastructure and their usage within Kitsap County to estimate current and potential revenues.
  • Propose additional funding mechanisms with an analysis of their benefits to Kitsap County and develop a legislative strategy to facilitate their passage.
    Additionally, the project is expected to move in three phases over the course of 2008:


Phase One

Planning and location of trunk lines and lift stations

Phase One will review all existing and proposed sewer planning for the urban areas and refine the information. The final layout and design would be adopted as the formal roadmap for future sewer infrastructure in the UGAs.

Phase Two

Funding mechanisms for the construction sewer infrastructure

Phase Two will review existing funding mechanism and their historic use within Kitsap County. Additionally, the taskforce will be developing additional funding mechanisms to be proposed before the legislature.

Phase Three

The phasing of County focus on the construction of this infrastructure

The Taskforce will develop criteria to determine the areas the County, cities and purveyors would focus their efforts upon. These criteria could include number of units to be served, areas of environmental hazard, future incorporation/annexation or others.


The Wastewater Infrastructure Taskforce (WIT) includes representatives from Kitsap County, cities of Bremerton, Port Orchard and Poulsbo, citizen community councils, environmental groups, property rights groups, realtors, developers and sewer service purveyors.

As this Taskforce is a working group, the development of the aforementioned deliverables is expected to be produced by the Taskforce members rather than an outside consultant. However, a consultant, ESA Adolfson has been hired to provide facilitation services for the Taskforce.

WIT Subcommittees​

Five subcommittees have been established for the Wastewater Infrastructure Taskforce (WIT) process. The purpose of these subcommittees is to review existing and future sewer conveyance planning for each UGA. These subcommittees are grouped based upon urban growth area respective treatment facility and are as follows:

  • Kingston Subcommittee (Kingston UGA);
  • Central Kitsap Subcommittee (Central Kitsap & Silverdale UGAs);
  • Bremerton Subcommittee (East Bremerton, West Bremerton & Gorst UGAs);
  • South Kitsap Industrial Area Subcommittee (SKIA UGA)
  • Port Orchard/South Kitsap Subcommittee (Port Orchard & ULID #6 UGAs).

Noted in the links section of this page are mapping used by the subcommittees.

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