Lake Management District for Long Lake (2014)

Long Lake has been suffering for years with significant water quality issues that have promoted the growth of invasive aquatic plants and toxic algae blooms. These issues come from past land use practices on shoreline and upland lots, surrounding soil conditions and natural lake processes. These have been addressed in the past through state-funded management activities to reduce the accessibility of phosphorous and other nutrients within Long Lake.

To fund future management activities, private funding will be necessary.  To this end, the community and Kitsap County is proposing a lake management district for properties surrounding the Lake. Through annual assessments, properties within the proposed District boundary may fund lake management activities shown in the attached scope of work.

Approval of such a District first requires a public hearing noticed to all property owners within the boundary and then a mail election of these same property owners. Only after majority approval at such an election can a District be formed to fund these improvements.

Ballots were mailed on November 14th to all residents within the proposed lake management district boundary. All ballots must be returned to the Kitsap County Administration Building (619 Division Street, 4th Floor, Port Orchard) by 5:00 PM on December 11, 2014.

Any property owner within the proposed boundary who has not received their ballot by Thursday November 20, 2014, please contact Eric Baker at Please include your name and property address and a second ballot will be mailed to you.  Each property is only allowed one ballot so please do not mail in both (it would be caught during ballot tabulation).

Ballots tabulation will be open to the public for viewing and will begin at 10:00 AM on December 16th at the Kitsap County Administration Building (619 Division Street, 4th Floor, Port Orchard). The protocol for ballot tabulations is in the Project Links.

Details on the proposed district boundary, the results of past lake management successes and proposed future maintenance actions are in the Project Links.