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Caregiver Support Centers
Use this link for location and operating hours for service centers in Port Orchard and Silverdale.
Department or Office: Aging and Long-Term Care
Citizens on Patrol - Volunteer Opportunity
COP (Citizens On Patrol) volunteers interact with the community and must be dedicated to helping others. Their duties are to enforce and educate the public on handicapped parking regulations and to be the eyes and ears of law enforcement. Use this link for more information and the link to apply.
Department or Office: Sheriff's Office
Classification as Open Space
Click the link above for information about how to classify property as Open Space.
Department or Office: Community Development
Classification as Timber Land
Click the link above for information about how to classify property as Timber Land.
Department or Office: Community Development
Clerk's Office - Forms, Kits and Instructions
Use this link to find forms, kits, and instructions related to services offered through the County Clerk's office.
Department or Office: Clerk's Office
Commission on Children and Youth
The Kitsap County Commission on Children and Youth was established in 1988 by the Board of Commissioners by Resolution No. 172-1988. The Board acted on the recommendation of the local Youth 2000 Forum, whose participants were concerned about the rising rate of school dropout, a shrinking labor pool, and other youth-related problems.
Department or Office: Human Services
Concealed Weapon Permit
This page provides information related to the requirement and processes for carrying concealed weapons. It also includes information for firearms dealers as well as firearms licenses for non-immigrant aliens.
Department or Office: Sheriff's Office
Concurrency Test Application
An applicant for any development not exempt, needs a concurrency test performed as part of their application for new development. New development is generally in the three categories of single family residence, multi-family residential, and commercial. An applicant is required to complete an Application for Concurrency Test. The long range goal of the Concurrency Management system is to preserve and maintain the Level of Service on County roads.
Department or Office: Public Works
Coroner's Office
Follow this link to reach the County Coroner's office website.
Department or Office: Coroner's Office
Main County site
Department or Office: Information Services
Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Program
Trained volunteers who would be appointed by a judge to speak up for the best interests of a child. Now, there are approximately 52,000 CASA volunteers helping abused and neglected children all across the country. But 3/4 of the children who need a CASA don't have one. You can help those girls and boys have a voice in court and a chance at a future. Click the link above for more information.
Department or Office: Juvenile Services
Court Date
Use this search to find out when you need to appear in district or municipal court. The search tool returns a case summary and, where applicable, calendar information and a list of case activities (docket).
Department or Office: District Court
Courthouse Facilitators
The Courthouse Facilitators assist pro se litigants (persons who are not represented by attorneys) in Domestic Relations cases in selecting and reviewing forms, and with procedural instructions. The Facilitators are available by appointment only. Follow this link for more information.
Department or Office: Clerk's Office